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Gavin Rossdale DRAGGED For Complaining About Gwen Stefani Divorce -- As Fans Remember Who Caused It!

Gavin Rossdale Reveals Disappointment At Being Divorced From Gwen Stefani -- But Fans Rip Him For Causing It!

Gavin Rossdale is offering up his side of the story on his split from Gwen Stefani nearly a decade ago. But fans are picking up on the fact the Bush frontman’s perspective is, uh, just A LITTLE BIT SLANTED, to say the very least.

The rockstars wed way back in 2002 and had three sons together — Kingston, now 17, Zuma, 15, and Apollo, 10 — before ultimately parting ways in 2015. As you may recall, the split was actually SUPER contentious. At the time, reports surfaced about Gavin cheating with the kids’ nanny Mindy Mann!! Affair, discovery, divorce, you know how that goes… sigh…

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Well, Gavin must have forgotten all about that — or thought fans would forget all about it — when he went on this week’s episode of the Amy & TJ Podcast with hosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes. (Noteworthy Gavin is discussing divorce but side-stepping any and all affair talk with the help of that couple. Right??)

Anyways, the rock star lamented how splitting from the 54-year-old No Doubt superstar was his “clearest, simplest shame” because it gave his kids “a broken home.” Reflecting on how both of his own parents were married three times, and how their split cycles continued with his failed marriage to Gwen, Gavin said:

“I never thought I’d ever get divorced. So there’s a simple shame in my life. I feel bad for my kids, that’s it. I wish I could have found a way to not have that in their lives. It wasn’t fun for me to come from a broken home. It can be quite debilitating for kids… the overriding things is you don’t want to let your kids down.”

And while he didn’t mention Gwen by name, he did subtly shade their apparent lack of relationship at this point in their lives:

“The biggest thing would be when you see the kids that sometimes there’s a loss. It’d be nice if there was more of a connection with the person who made them with me. … I’m handcuffed because I would never want to overly say anything negative about their mom. That’s just not right.”


Sounds like he wants to say something negative, right? Of course, Gwen married country crooner Blake Shelton back in 2021, and the duo has been riding high ever since. And speaking of Shelton, Gavin also subtly called him out without naming names, too! Rossdale noted how he goes to “a lot of events” where Gwen’s new man is present, but it sounds like Gavin thankfully knows enough to play nice:

“I go to a lot of events where there’s ‘the other team,’ so to speak, and I just feel really proud of myself in my consistency as a father. I know in my heart that I’m super consistent.”

That part is good, we suppose. Nothing wrong with being cordial. But that quote isn’t the issue. The issue is Gavin complaining at all — when HE was the one who very directly caused it!!! (Although to be technically correct, Stefani actually eventually received an annulment of their marriage.)

Again, as we reported waaaay back in 2015, Gwen split from Gavin after learning he’d been hooking up with the nanny! Like, what did he expect was going to happen?! Thankfully, we’re not the only ones who picked up on Rossdale’s attempted rewrite of history. Over on Instagram, as quotes from the podcast began to pop up on Thursday morning, commenters LIT INTO the Bush band member! Ch-ch-check out some of the spicy takes (below):

“I’m thinking Gwen had hoped for that connection while married to you, but you were connecting with the nanny”

“Should have kept it in your pants”

“Oh so he just thought he could cheat and stay married lol”

“You cheated? You didn’t think you’d get divorced? What did you think would happen lol.”

“He just doesn’t get it. Taking no responsibility at all. Yikes”

“So he cheats on her, she divorces him and moves on with her life and he’s pissed off that she doesn’t have a ‘better connection’ with him? Dude you’re lucky she ever gives you the time of day at this point.”

“Omg!!!! He cheated on her — is he trying to shame her!!”

“Perhaps he shouldn’t have slept with his kids nanny and Gwen would likely be more involved. Get over yourself dude!”


But, like, they’re not wrong… Ya know?! What say U, Perezcious readers?? Share your takes on Gavin’s bizarre divorce comments (below)!

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