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Does Shanna Moakler Have Good Reason To Call Out Travis Barker's 'Weird' Romance With Kourtney Kardashian?!

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Well, ready for the other side of this story??

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian‘s whirlwind relationship has captured the imagination and hearts of millions of fans. Everyone seems to be rooting for them, and even their kids are on board. The only people who don’t seem so impressed are their exes!

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Shanna Moakler, the ex-wife and mother to Travis’ two kids, Alabama and Landon Barker, had consistently been throwing shade at the couple. Obviously many have accused the model of being jealous — like perhaps seeing the Blink-182 drummer so happy with another woman has caused bitterness. But Shanna is pushing back against that read of the situation.

In a new interview with People, she explains exactly what’s been bothering her — and it might bother you, too, once you hear it! She says:

“I’m very much over my ex. It’s been a long time. However, do I think some of the PDA that he’s doing with her is weird? [Yes].”

Weird how? Like oddly exhibitionist? Almost performative? Actually, that’s not what the 46-year-old is getting at.

The problem for her is that this particular romance is looking a little too familiar. She explains:

“The movie, True Romance, that I feel like they’ve been bonding over was the theme of our wedding. Our daughter’s named after the character in the movie. Flying banners overhead like we did on Meet the Barkers. Stuff like that … I just think it’s weird.”

Huh. That… That is weird.

Travis did just get a True Romance-inspired tattoo on his thigh, and it basically served as an “I LOVE YOU” aimed directly towards Kourt as she was writing him similar love notes to the one in the film.

Seeing your ex bonding over the things that were “yours” with them must be painful — and make it feel like that love AND this new one are somehow less sincere. It can even be seen as straight up disrespectful. But we don’t want to put words in her mouth. Shanna is just going with “weird.”

As for the idea she views Kourt as a nemesis? She insists she bears “no ill will” toward the KUWTK star — only the fans who have not stopped coming for her once they viewed her as an enemy:

“If anything, my only issue with this whole sort of craziness that’s been going on is her fan base … it’s really almost to the point of being bullied… I look at social media as a place to have fun. It should be positive.”

Um, really? What about all that shade she’s been throwing? Well… she insists the posts she and boyfriend Matthew Rondeau have put up — like the ones mocking Travis and Kourtney’s PDA pics on her Instagram Stories — are in good fun:

“Matthew and I have been posting stuff in a joking manner, but not so much to attack Kourtney and Travis. It was more to annoy her fan base because at some point you have to make a joke out of it.”

Well, mission accomplished we guess?

As for the actual couple, Shanna swears she is glad Travis has found someone special:

“I’m really, genuinely happy for him. I want the father of my kids to be happy and to have a partner that makes him happy… and a better father… As long as she’s good to my children, that’s truly all I really care about. My kids seem to really like her and her family, so that’s key.”

But how is her relationship with the kids right now?

Recently 15-year-old Alabama seemed to imply she had an absentee mother in a telling TikTok. When it comes to her kids, it’s complicated. Speaking of her bonds with Alabama, Landon, and Atiana De La Hoya, her daughter with ex Oscar De La Hoya, she says:

“My relationships with each one are so different because their personalities are so different. Atiana’s very humble and more quiet and just so talented. Landon’s just my crazy young guy … and Bama’s just this wild, crazy extrovert [who] is just very true to herself. I’m really proud of the young little souls that they are.”

How does she respond to Landon’s shade about her love life? In case you didn’t see the now-deleted comment, he said his mother had the “most on and off relationship ever” while calling Travis and Kourtney’s coupling “true love.” Shanna admits she and her model BF broke up but says it didn’t take because of how strong their bond is:

“When we were on our break, I think we both realized how much we just missed each other and how much we meant to one another.”

Ultimately Shanna wants everyone to understand she and Travis are good now — and after years of growing up are in a much better place than when they were young and crazy:

“We had a lot of money and fame and power, and we didn’t know how to navigate through life well together. It took us many years to learn how to co-parent and how to separate our personal lives and our memories and feelings towards one another. It wasn’t something that happened overnight.”

From this new place of co-parenting goals, she says:

“I think my children deserve to have a relationship with their mother… and their father. The children deserve the opportunity to meet their parents’ significant others in a good, positive way.”

Even if it’s themed around the movie that was once yours.

[Image via Shanna Moakler/Travis Barker/Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram/Warner Bros/YouTube.]

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