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Shawn Wayans 'Predicted' Chris Rock's Oscars Slap In Resurfaced Video From 22 YEARS AGO?!

Shawn Wayans 'Predicted' Chris Rock's Oscars Slap In THIS Resurfaced Video From 2000!

This is wild.

A resurfaced Shawn Wayans monologue from the 2000 MTV VMAs seems to show the comedian (somewhat accurately) predicting Will Smith attacking Chris Rock at the Oscars!

In a now-viral video shared by Marlon Wayans (who co-hosted the awards show with his brother and frequent co-star), Shawn is seen taking the stage while reportedly impersonating a trash-talking Rock as he joked about many of the attendees. And the ending is remarkably similar to Sunday night’s fiasco!!

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The clip begins with the White Chicks alum calling out the likes of Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, Jay-Z, and Diddy (who actually tried to confirm that the Chris/Will feud was over already on Sunday night). Shawn’s brutal jokes earn a chorus of laughs from the audience — even from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star!

Just as the monologue is about to be wrapped up, the jokes prove too much for one celeb — or at least it’s supposed to seem that way when a Diddy lookalike approaches the stage and pretends to smack the s**t out of the host! A bunch of other celebrity doppelgängers join him, making for a chaotic (fake) smackdown of Wayans — as Chris Rock — on live TV! Sound familiar?

Ch-ch-check it out!

There are definitely some striking similarities!

As y’all know, Will Smith stormed the Oscars stage after Chris made an insensitive G.I. Jane joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair. The 53-year-old did almost the same thing as the throwback video, too, walking right on stage without a care in the world of security stopping him — and then slapping the comedian in the face. No wonder the audience thought it was a bit! But then Will sat back down in his seat and yelled at Chris, making it clear it was no joke!

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Shocked by unwittingly predicting the future alongside his big brother, Marlon commented on Instagram:

“Maaaaan, not to ‘kick’ a brother when he’s down… BUT we predicted this s**t exactly. When art imitates life then LIFE actually happens. S**t! We were way ahead of our time. #thesejustjokes let’s laugh again”

Fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing either, responding:

“Always been ahead of y’all time”

“Not Marlon Wayans predicting the slap. I’m weak”

“Will Smith was laughing his ass off on this, too!”

“Life Is Truly Full Circle.”

“Shawn sound just like Chris Rock.”

Shawn has not commented on the sketch or slap yet, but Marlon has continued to do so in the press. As his caption (above) suggests, the 49-year-old is trying not to take any sides in the controversy as he shares his two cents on the situation. Immediately after the assault occurred at the Academy Awards, Marlon spoke with People at the Vanity Fair after-party, sharing that he loves “them both” and thinks the drama was all just a matter of “bad timing,” saying:

“You’ve got to be able to crack jokes. You don’t know what somebody’s going through … he cracked the wrong joke on the wrong day. And sometimes you hit the wrong person in the wrong moment … It was just bad timing.”

That’s definitely one way to look at the situation…

Now that this sketch has resurfaced, we have a feeling this could inspire even more conspiracy theories about the slap being one big publicity stunt. What do YOU think?

[Image via Billboard/ABC/YouTube]

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