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Sheryl Underwood Was TRULY Unbothered During Sharon Osbourne’s Racism Outburst!

Sheryl Underwood Was Thinking About Taking A Nap During Sharon Osbourne’s Racism Outburst!

While Sharon Osbourne is seemingly spinning out of control in the wake of The Talk’s controversial and heated episode on March 10, as well as claims of “racist behavior,” Sheryl Underwood (who moderated the intense debate) has been totally zen since.

In a new two-part discussion on her podcast that will be released Friday and Saturday, The World According To Sheryl host shared:

“I thought I was talking with colleagues, and I thought we were having a great conversation. It didn’t go great, part of it.”

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On the moment that transpired (below), Underwood isn’t holding a grudge, though:

“The vibe for me was, this was already forgiven and over as soon as it was said.”

Distracted by “producers and technical people in your ear telling you what’s coming next” during the commercial break (in which Osbourne continued her rant), Underwood admitted to being focused on her afternoon schedule. You know, like thinking about when she was going to fit in a nap! LOLz.

While her co-host’s defense of Piers Morgan was certainly hurtful, the 57-year-old comedienne noted:

“I do think there was some anxiety. I do think there was some stress and everything, but for me, I was more, ‘OK, I’ve got a certain amount of time to get to the dentist.’”

Her appointments didn’t stop her from recognizing how viewers have applauded her “Grace. Discipline. Restraint.” The “spiritual nourishment” received by social media users who felt she represented Black people has allowed Sheryl to feel strong in last week’s actions. The star also noted an appreciation for those “talking about what would have happened if the roles were reversed.”

As for the reports that Ozzy Osbourne’s wife may not return to the show after the hiatus because she’s not sure she’s “wanted there” OR the fact the host thinks producers set her up, it’s not up to Sheryl:

“There are things happening that I have no control over. I couldn’t stop ‘em if I wanted to. I didn’t start it. I can’t stop it. All I can do is be ready for what God is telling me to do.”

The performer even recalled heading to bed the night of the viral outburst, telling herself:

“Sheryl, if God lets your eyes open, come back to work tomorrow. Don’t come back different. So you hurt. So you’re disappointed. Manage it. Manage your expectations.”

WOW. That’s some really powerful self-talk there. And it continued:

“I got a good night’s sleep. I slept well, ‘cause I didn’t do anything to anybody. I didn’t do anything. And I was a good friend. No matter what came toward me, I was a good friend. And I stayed out of stuff too.”

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Also taking a step back, Sheryl hasn’t totally forgotten where the conversation happened either. While TV personalities should still be held accountable for their actions, she wasn’t going to let that unfortunate moment in the show’s history mar her views on its run:

“I kept saying, Sheryl, this is entertainment, this is television, it is daytime television. You want to keep this show on the air for 10 more years, because you believe it has legs. You believe it can happen. And people go through stuff on shows all the time… So I just kept thinking to myself, let this play out. But don’t you become different. Don’t you put yourself in a different posture. You can’t wear the crown with your head held down.”

She acknowledged that Sharon had tried to speak with her following the taping (as well as reached out with an apology), but Underwood did not make it clear whether or not the two have talked yet. That said, she’s moved on.

“My mantra, my way of thinking, is always forgiveness first and right beside that is apology. Those two things go together. I don’t know what’s in Sharon’s heart. I don’t know what she’s feeling. The only feelings I can control… are my own.”

Thoughts on this very mature, very relaxed reaction to The Talk’s current racism scandal, Perezcious readers??

[Image via The Talk/YouTube]

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