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Snooki Says Joy Behar Once Angrily Confronted Her In A Bathroom Over Not Being Italian??

Snooki Says Joy Behar Once Confronted Her Angrily In A Bathroom Over Not Being Italian??

Who could be rude to a meatball?!?!

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi sat down with the rest of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast for a group interview on Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. Knowing the MTV crew — and Andy Cohen‘s penchant for drama — we knew things were going to get wild. And they did!!

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In the chat, Cohen ran a segment called The Revenge Of The Shady Duck Phone. In it, Bravo showed a graphic of the duck phone that became an infamous part of the original Jersey Shore run back in the day. And this phone asked invasive questions!

In one query, it asked the cast if they’d had any rude celebrity encounters. On cue, Snooki blurted out:

“Joy Behar!”

Joy Behar?! The co-host of The View?? Naturally, Cohen asked for the story behind that response. Snooki said:

“Joy was so mean to me. She cornered me in the bathroom and said, ‘You’re not Italian!'”

Then, in vintage Snooki fashion, she turned to her cast mates and quipped:

“Oh, I said that?”


When Andy asked what the 35-year-old said in response to the 80-year-old TV host, Snooki revealed:

“I said, ‘OK, ma’am.'”

It’s giving “OK boomer.” Ha!!

TBF, Joy is technically correct in saying Snooki is not Italian. The MTV star was born in Santiago, Chile, and at six months old, she was adopted by an Italian-American family in New Jersey. But Joy, WTF?! None of the cast is “Italian.” They are Italian-Americans! That’s the whole f**king joke of the fourth season when they lived in Italy and didn’t fit in! Come on!!!

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BTW, Snooki’s cast mates had another answer for the rudest celebrity they’ve come across: Ryan Reynolds.

Deena Cortese and Sammi Sweetheart claimed Reynolds was rude to them years ago. The duo wouldn’t give specifics about it, but Sammi did give him the benefit of the doubt:

“He had a bad day.”

Deena added:

“I love Ryan Reynolds, and I love Blake Lively, but he, like, didn’t want to be by us.”

Oh no!

Watch the segment (below):


Shady shade pushed forth by the shady duck phone indeed!!

[Image via The View/YouTube/Watch What Happens Live/YouTube]

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