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Ashlyn Harris' Wife Ali Krieger Hints She & Sophia Bush CHEATED! Look!

Ali Krieger Hints Ashlyn Harris Cheated Sophia Bush

Uh oh!

Right from the start when the wildly surprisingly relationship between Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris was revealed, sources have been jumping in front of any scandal. The original source who spilled on the pairing told People at the same time “there is no salacious story.” But now we’re getting hints from someone actually involved that there may be a “salacious” tale to be told after all!

Obviously both women are in the middle of divorces, but specifically that first insider was referring to Ashlyn and wife Ali Krieger, whose split had only been public a few days when news of the new relationship hit. They mentioned Ashlyn and Sophia’s romance was “so recent” as well as noting:

“Although it’s new information to the public, Ashlyn and Ali’s divorce began months ago and they have been living apart since the summer.”

“Months ago.” That’s a phrase that offers a lot of wiggle room. Smooth — because now we have a new date other than the divorce filings and separation dates to look at. June 19. That was the day Sophia and Ashlyn seemed to be flirting up a storm while sharing a panel at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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According to, Ashlyn only broke things off with Ali — abruptly we might add — just days later! An insider claimed:

“Apparently Ashlyn came back right after Cannes, ended their marriage and said there was nothing to even speak about regarding it. Just over.”

Ali was said to be blindsided by her former USWNT teammate’s play. They were fine and all of a sudden, Ashlyn wanted a divorce? Right after hanging out with the One Tree Hill star in France? Huh.

Whether you believe this anonymous source or not, you can take it right from Ali! The soccer star dropped a very telling post on her Instagram Thursday afternoon. A carousel of pics doing a little fancy footwork on the field — but with a caption that says more than the pics! She wrote:

“Preparing for playoffs while in my Beyoncé lemonade era.”

Uh… her Beyoncé Lemonade era???

Bey wrote that album all about Jay-Z cheating on her. Lemonading is unleashing the fury of a woman scorned. She is HEAVILY implying she got cheated on here!

And her big brother Kyle Krieger — to whom she must have opened up — got even more explicit, commenting on the post:

“Love you and so proud of you!! These hoes ain’t loyal!! But me and your fans are!”

Damn! OK, it’s pretty clear she thinks Ashlyn hooked up with Sophia behind her back, right??

And if Ali is right and Ashlyn did cheat during that trip, then Sophia must have, too! Remember, the actress listed her separation date from husband Grant Hughes as June 27 — eight days after that panel.

Man, we wondered what happened to make Sophia leave all of a sudden when just two weeks beforehand she was gushing about her hubby in an anniversary post! We assumed she had some dirt to spill on him! Starting to look like the cleat is on other foot!

What do YOU think about these latest implications??

[Image via Ali Krieger/Sophia Bush/Instagram.]

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Oct 19, 2023 18:40pm PDT