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Sophie Turner Slammed By Mom Shamers Over Party Pics -- And Fans Come To Her Defense!

Sophie Turner Slammed By Mom Shamers Over Party Pics -- And Fans Come To Her Defense!

The mommy shamers are coming after Sophie Turner, and her fans aren’t standing for it!

In case you missed it, the 27-year-old actress hard launched her relationship with Peregrine Pearson months after her divorce from Joe Jonas. She posted several pictures on Instagram from a ski trip she went on with her friends — and her new boyfriend was right there, making them IG official. Check it out (below):

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Clearly, Sophie is having a good time with Pearson and her pals on a vacation. But some social media users decided to be a buzzkill and blast the Game of Thrones alum for… you guessed it! Not being with her kids! The comments section under the post was filled with awful comments, saying:

“Where are your kids?”

“Be a mom”

“Shame on you”

“I feel sorry for your child”

So just because Sophie is a mom she can’t ever go out and party with her friends and boyfriend? C’mon, people! She is allowed to have an identity outside of being a mother and have fun when her kids aren’t with her! According to TMZ, there were even more of these types of remarks, but Sophie deleted some. We guess she gave up as a few of the mom-shaming comments obviously remained. Ugh. Thankfully, she had some fierce defenders slamming the mom shamers! See (below):

“I’m so confused on why people are asking where her children are. She’s never posted her children, yet it was never a question of where they were before her divorce. Why is it in question now?”

“You guys realize as a woman that we have an identity outside of having our children right? A woman is more than a just a mother. Let her move on”

“Why do people care where her children are? I don’t see them in her posts from when she was married?! Why the concern now… other than because they feel it is the opportune time to mum shame”

“She’s not obligated to post her kids for your entertainment”

Other fans pointed out that Joe has not received the same comments shaming him for not being with his children under his posts:

“Okay so I just came from scrolling through Joe’s photo comments, and very surprisingly NO ONE is asking about his kids… so weird I wonder whyy..”

“Anyone asking where her kids are need to ask themselves if they’d ever ask this question to a man… and the answer is no”

“She is also a women, friend, etc not only a mom no one asks him where his kids are in his pics wtf”

They have a point!

We bet Sophie is sick and tired of the misogynistic, mom-shaming smear campaign that’s been happening ever since the news of their divorce broke last year. But hopefully, she’s ignoring the haters and continuing to live her best life! Reactions to the drama, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below)…

[Image via Sophie Turner/Instagram, The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube]

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