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Child Trafficking Film Sound Of Freedom Investor ARRESTED For Child Kidnapping!!

Sound Of Freedom Investor Fabian Marta Arrested Child Kidnapping

Well, this has come harrowingly full circle.

Fabian Marta, a financier on the film Sound of Freedom, has been arrested and charged with… child kidnapping!

The film, which became a surprising hit this summer, is a fictionalized account of the questionable career of Tim Ballard, the founder of the non-profit organization Operation Underground Railroad, as he rescues a child held captive in the Colombian jungle. It has been described as “QAnon-adjacent” in how its depiction of child trafficking aligns with the conspiracy theory. It doesn’t help that its star, controversial actor Jim Caviezel, has in recent years become a public endorser of QAnon-based conspiracy theories and has been speaking out to push theories in his promotion of the movie.

Take a look at the trailer (below):

The movie was crowdfunded by thousands and has reportedly made over $155 million at the global box office since its release on July 4th. This is mostly in thanks to viewers who have been urged by the production company Angel Studios to support the film in a “Pay It Forward” campaign. Basically, people purchase large numbers of seats in movie theaters as a “donation” for others. The trick helps to boost sales, but it doesn’t mean that many people are actually going to see the film. Often the movie plays to empty theaters even though every seat has been purchased.

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But those who have watched might be shocked to learn someone behind the scenes has been accused of committing the same crime the movie is against!

According to records from the Missouri Courts website, the 51-year-old, who is from Chesterfield, Missouri, was arrested on July 21 and charged with kidnapping in the first degree. The self-described “Angel investor” of the film is accused of allegedly “removing a non-family member below the age of 14 without their parent’s consent,” per reports via BroBible. Police have not released official details about the alleged kidnapping. In the aforementioned state, child kidnapping is a class A felony, so the financier is looking at 10 years to life behind bars. His bail was set at $15,000 but he was released from custody on personal recognizance after an initial court hearing on July 24.

Newsweek confirmed the disturbing reports with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police, who revealed Marta was charged on July 21 and taken into custody two days later. While the investor has yet to comment on the charges, he has deleted two Facebook posts in which he boasted about his involvement in the flick, one of which read:

“The Sound of Freedom movie tackles a very tough subject, and took an extraordinary effort to bring it to movie theaters. I’m proud to have been a small part of it. If you see the movie look for ‘Fabian Marta and Family’ at the very end of the credits.”


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He’s calling it a “tough subject” yet he was allegedly part of the problem?! Crazy. He later clarified his role, claiming:

Disney attempted to bury this movie, they needed help to get rights back and distribute the film. I was aware of this early, the movie was filmed several years ago. As an Angel investor, I was able to be a financial partner. Early investors were credited at the end of the film.”

This isn’t the first time he’s been accused of doing something shady. As the film began to build traction, internet sleuths discovered he has long been organizing “Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby” parties, where he allegedly met his girlfriend. She then allegedly ran a class teaching girls how to catch a guy’s attention at the events! Just check out this thread:


You can still see his name listed as an organizer HERE. Organizing parties for young girls to meet rich men? Creepily close to what guys like Andrew Tate and Jeffrey Epstein have been accused of. Experts have made clear again and again how this kind of trafficking is far more common than the kind in movies — where guys with machine guns throw kids into shipping crates and dads get to shoot at them.

Remember that when you see people saying this is the movie telling “the truth” that “Hollywood doesn’t want you to see.” This is 100% the Hollywood version, guys. The real thing, unfortunately is out there, though. In this case, in the financing of the movie.

Fabian is set to appear in court again on August 28.

[Image via St. Louis Metropolitan Police & Angel Studios/YouTube]

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