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Murdered Surfer Left His Girlfriend The Most Heartbreakingly Beautiful Voice Message...

Surfer Left Girlfriend Most Beautiful, Heartbreaking Voice Message Before Being Murdered In Mexico

Australian pro surfer Callum Robinson left his girlfriend the sweetest morning message — having no idea it would be the last one he’d ever send her.

In case you aren’t keeping up with the terrible news, Callum, his brother Jake Robinson, and their friend Jack Carter Rhoad were all on vacation in Mexico last month. On April 27, the trio went missing after going on a surfing trip to Ensenada, leaving their loved ones clueless and terrified. Sadly, on Monday their bodies were found at the bottom of a well with gunshot wounds. It’s suspected they were trying to stop thieves from stealing their pickup truck and were met with violence. So, so sad…

The news came as a shock to Callum’s home community of Perth, and of course to his and Jake’s family. But it was a shot to the heart for his girlfriend Emily Horwath, who has been mourning the unimaginable loss on social media. Emily has been trying to communicate just how much Callum meant to her, and she to him. And in his last message we think everyone understands.

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According to Australia 7 News, she posted the now-vanished voice memo to her Instagram Stories. In the message, Callum can be heard welcoming his beloved to a brand new day:

“Happy Tuesday! Good morning! It’s 11:11 and I’m just thinking about you. Just wanted to drop you a quick message and say hello, baby. Hope you’re having a phenomenal start to your day. I’m sensing a big grin on your face for some reason today. I hope you’re full of positivity and smiles. Cheers, baby. Miss ya.”


In the caption, Emily reportedly wrote:

“Will be playing this on repeat”

She made another post in honor of the surfer, writing over a photo embracing him:

This man changed my life in a way that I can’t even put into words. I don’t yet understand a world without him and his energy in it. I feel so grateful to have loved him. Tell your people you love them. Live life to the fullest every day be kind to others, laugh uncontrollably. Don’t let the small stuff bother you. lead with positivity. and live like Cal.”

Gut-wrenching. Emily also shared a screenshot of herself and her boyfriend talking about the afterlife. Back in January, she sent a photo of the sky to Callum and texted him:

“When someone passes I always think they speak through the sky. I woke up this morning and it was bright red, beautiful. Just thought of you and your Nan this morning.”

To which he replied:

“Thanks Babi… you’re filling my heart up in all the right ways … I’m also a big believer in the ocean and the sky being a conduit between the physical state and the spiritual state. I’m going to be doing a lot of looking out and looking up today.”

The grief-stricken girlfriend said:

“I think that’s a beautiful idea. Look for all the signs, they’re there.”

See the thread for yourself (below):

Emily horwath callum robinson text afterlife
(c) Emily Horwath/Instagram

It’s chilling they had this conversation not knowing what was coming. Heartbreaking!

We’re sending love and light to Emily and all of the victims’ loved ones. May they rest in peace and get the justice they deserve.

[Image via Callum Robinson/Emily Horwath/Instagram]

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