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Taylor Swift Generated HOW MUCH MONEY For The NFL?! You Will Not BELIEVE!!!

Taylor Swift Generated HOW MUCH MONEY For The NFL?! You Will Not BELIEVE!!!

Taylor Swift isn’t just making business moves for herself — she’s completely turned the NFL on its head!

Ever since the singer’s whirlwind romance with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce started, football has become more talked about than ever. Already a MASSIVE multi-billion dollar industry, thanks to Tay Tay’s appearances and sweet moments with her beau, those numbers are only on the rise. And if all goes well for Trav and his team during the Super Bowl, they’ll most likely continue to go up.

Two executives for the NFL chatted with The US Sun this week and dropped a lot of numbers pertaining to the pop star’s effect on the league’s income, and you won’t BELIEVE how much Swifties are changing the game! According to the execs, TV ratings for KC games have risen 18% for each time the 34-year-old shows up to cheer on her man. Jersey sales — particularly Kelce 87 shirts — have also skyrocketed by a staggering 20%, meaning the company raked in an estimated $30 MILLION more than usual.

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To put that into perspective, according to the source, last season the tight end was selling around 400-500 pieces of merchandise per week. Compare that to this season, where in recent weeks Trav’s name and likeness sold 15,000 jerseys — with 2,000 of those coming from game days:

“Knowing that Travis sold at the maximum 400-500 jerseys a week last season, those numbers are going through the roof. Patrick Mahomes is the No. 1 in the league with Jalen Hurts on the jersey sale list, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelce’s jersey reaches the same number soon, especially if Chiefs win the Super Bowl.”


With all this extra revenue — being brought to the NFL for FREE, btw — it’s only expected to go even higher should the Chiefs take home another Super Bowl victory:

“We will get the season numbers after the Super Bowl, but if the Chiefs win for example, it’s expected to be more than up to $150 million would be generated by Taylor Swift’s presence and being, clearly, the new ambassador of the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase not only in the United States, but worldwide.”

$150 MILLION! That’s more than three times Travis’ net worth! Insane — and that’s JUST Taylor’s impact. That doesn’t count the rest of the dough they’ll be making.

Another insider also spoke to the outlet about how women’s merchandise is particularly on the rise thanks to Swifties-turned-Kelce fans. In fact, the source says this is “never been seen for a football player ever.” T-Swizzle is also bringing in a multitude of new sponsorship opportunities for her beau’s team, leaving market experts to say:

“The Chiefs are already a franchise that makes a lot of money because of their titles and wins, but it’s about to be turning into a gold mine with Taylor Swift’s effect.”


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