Taylor Swift ‘Hates’ Justin Bieber & It WRECKED Her Relationship With Selena Gomez!

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Remember when Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift were inseparable besties!?

Sadly, those delightful days are reportedly long gone… and we think we know WHY!!!

According to sources, the Crowned Prince of Ca-nay-dia- is tearing America’s sweethearts apart!

Justin Bieber has really come between the girls, but not in that super-seXXXy sort of way most straight guys probably dream about aboot!!!

T-Swizzle knew he was trouble (trouble, trouble) when he walked in; she’s no Belieber at all! In fact, she’s sick and tired of watching Selenita fall for his shenanigans!

The source revealed:

“Taylor hates him. She thinks Selena makes a mistake every time she reconciles with him. Bieber has really come between the girls.”

Wow!!! We didn’t think Swifty-Poo hated anyone, but we were wrong!

As it turns out, the feeling is pretty much mutual.

A source close to the Bieb’s camp admitted:

“He complains Taylor’s always telling Selena she can do better.”

Yikes!!! Get a room, you two!!!

In all honesty, we feel so bad for poor, poor Selena getting caught in the middle!!

Who do U think she should she side with?

UPDATE: A rep has come forward to deny these allegations and declare the entire story to be untrue.

Aug 14, 2013 3:41pm PST

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