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Taylor Swift Has Blocked Both Demi Lovato & Justin Bieber On Spotify!

Taylor Swift Demi Lovato Justin Bieber Spotify

Taylor Swift just isn’t going to be bothered with listening to other artists who don’t support her… and honestly, can you blame her for that?!
The former Big Machine Label Group artist, who is in a fight right now with both her old record label and celeb manager/promoter Scooter Braun over the first six albums in her music catalog, is making sweeping changes to her own musical habits this week!
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In light of Justin Bieber‘s continued (and vapid) defense of Braun, as well as Demi Lovato‘s very public statement backing the manager, Taylor has apparently blocked BOTH of them on her Spotify account! Whoa!!!
The Twitter account Taylor Swift’s Spotify, which purports to connect to public API data from Spotify to broadcast changes the superstar makes to her account for the world to see, first reported the blocks on Sunday afternoon, as you can see (below):

Wow — the Biebs got blocked EARLY ON in the saga!! Ha!!
It makes perfect sense from Taylor’s perspective that both these artists would get blocked here, because neither one had anything good to say about anyone OTHER than Scooter Braun during this whole brouhaha… and we already know that is NOT a good look! At least there are plenty of artists who DO support Taylor — and plenty of people she can still listen to on Spotify then, too! Ha!

Mom Chimes In…

Late Sunday night, the Biebs’ mom — Pattie Mallette — posted a pretty cryptic (but fairly obvious) tweet to her own official Twitter account, as you can see (below):

It’s the perfect mom tweet. Seemingly ignorant of what’s going on, but you know she must already know ALL the behind-the-scenes dirt… and she has for years. And she’s being perfectly innocent and sweet in this messaging, but you also know that on the inside, she for sure 1000% has Justin’s back — it’s not even a question.
So while Pattie can lament the “division” here — and come across online looking like she’s above the fray — we ain’t buying it! We know you have your son’s back, momma! Tell us how you REALLY feel about the Braun-Swift showdown! Ha!!!
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What about y’all, Perezcious readers? How do YOU really feel about this epic celebrity battle?? Feels like we haven’t had a celeb showdown quite this good in a LONG time… are you taking sides already, or sitting back and watching it all unfold before judging??
Sound OFF about it all and whatever else your little heart desires in the comments (below)!!!
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