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Some Taylor Swift Vinyls Came Out 'Haunted' -- Here's Why!

Some Taylor Swift Vinyls Came Out 'Haunted' -- Here's Why!

Some Swifties are saying their vinyl copies of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) are haunted — and we aren’t talking about the song!

This week on TikTok, a user by the name of Rachel Hunter AKA @mischief_marauder documented her eerie experience with the Taylor Swift album in a video that’s now gone viral. In the caption, she wrote:

“send help I got Speak Now (not Taylor’s Version) this is so funny”

In the clip, Rachel can be seen holding her vinyl, as she explained:

“Does anyone else’s Speak Now vinyl not have Taylor Swift on it? Because I’ve just played mine for the first time…”

The video then switches to the orchid blue edition of SNTV spinning on a turntable, and after the music starts playing, Rachel’s statement starts to make sense. The electronic sound coming out of the record isn’t T-Swizzle in the slightest! As the song plays, a woman can be heard on the track saying:

“Quit looking at the flakes of flesh and dancing organisms / Or rather jump the imprint of freaking attacks of anxiety / This all fell on my face after a dive and a trippy joint.”

Uh… what?? “Flesh and dancing organisms”? Yeah, we don’t remember that one from the vault!

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The B side of the record isn’t much better, either, because when the fan flipped it, a man could be heard through the speakers, spitting out even more ominous lyrics:

“Seventy billion people of Earth / Where are they hiding?”

Ch-ch-check out the INSANE video (below):


send help I got speak now (not Taylors version) this is so funny #speaknowtaylorsversion @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation #erastour #speaknoworchid

♬ original sound – Rachel ✨


Rachel explained to the BBC on Wednesday how it was the middle of the night when she first played the album, making it all the more scary:

“At first, I thought maybe the vinyl had a secret message from Taylor. But when I flipped to the B-side, it started saying ‘There’s 70 billion people on earth, where are they hiding?’ I started to get a little scared. I was alone and it was late and my vinyl was playing creepy messages.”

So creepy! That’s enough to make anyone run to turn on their night light! But luckily there’s an explanation of what’s going on — and it doesn’t involve an Exorcist-style possession or ghosts (as far as we’re aware).

Instead of playing Mine, the LP was actually spinning Cabaret Voltaire’s Soul Vine (70 Billion People) — an English electronic group from the ’70s hit song. But how did this even happen?! Well, apparently a mistake at the pressing facility caused the Brit group’s music to be stamped into the purple records instead of Tay Tay’s. Universal Music Group made a statement to Billboard on Wednesday, acknowledging the issue:

“We are aware that there are an extremely limited number of incorrectly pressed vinyl copies in circulation and have addressed the issue. If you have purchased one of the affected goods, please contact customer service at your respective retailer for a replacement or refund.”

And then, Above Board Distribution reposted Rachel’s vid on Instagram, actually explaining in more detail WTF happened:

“Due to a delicate pressing blunder, some Taylor Swift fans received a misprinted copy of ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version),’ which we have learned features audio of our in house compilation ‘Happy Land (A Compendium of Music from the British Isles 1992-1996)’ … Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine this situation. While we know all too well this error was beyond our control, we sincerely hope anyone who received what is Not Taylor’s Version of the vinyl is enchanted by the blissful electronica.”

Whew! So Taylor ISN’T being haunted by a 1970s nightclub music! That’s a relief.

The distribution company went on to cheekily add, though, these rare messed up vinyls will most likely become a big selling point for the pop star:

“Keep your eyes peeled for this special edition we’re sure it’s going to be a Discogs rare pressing classic in years to come.”

Wow! We wouldn’t be surprised if this became a rare collectible to Swifties — or maybe even to fans of Cabaret Voltaire??

What do U think about this seriously scary music mix up, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below).

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