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Teen Mom Fans Disgusted After Jenelle Evans' Husband Slaughters A Pig & Eats Its Eyeball On TikTok

david eason, jenelle evans : teen mom fans disgusted when david kills pig and eats its eyeball on tiktok

Anybody hungry?

We’re always a little wary when Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’s husband David Eason makes headlines. However, despite the negative media attention (and unsettling legal troubles), he’s continued on with his social media presence unbothered.

Most recently, David has been frequently sharing cooking videos to TikTok, and his latest recipe is decidedly NOT for vegetarians: a freshly killed pig’s head.

Wait, what?!?!

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To be fair, he didn’t actually slaughter a hog on camera (we imagine there are probably TikTok rules against that), but the family raises animals and he’s been open about killing and eating them in the past. Thankfully, this clip is strictly the cooking part. Still…

He captioned his TikTok:

“Wait no longer, the grilled hog head is here.
Watch till the end to me eat the snout and eyeball.”


In the video, the 33-year-old instructed viewers on how to cook the head, seasoning it and then grilled it for several hours. Once the meat was cooked, he sampled some bits, declaring it delicious.

The last morsel he tasted on camera was the eyeball, and it’s… pretty nasty. We’re not just saying that to be snobs, because even David found it distasteful!

He narrated:

“It looks gross, but… it tastes kinda gross too. But as you can see, it looks so appetizing. Mmm. Good and juicy and stuff. That looks amazing.”

After tasting for himself, he then fed the rest to their dog.

Check it out for yourself (below) if you want to, but seriously, be warned, because it is NOT for the faint of heart:


Wait no longer, the grilled hog head is here! Watch till the end to see me eat the snout and eyeball!

♬ original sound – David Eason


Viewers were pretty disgusted with the display – at least the eyeball part of it.

Comments included:

“Dude is just straight up barbaric…..

“Not gonna lie. I threw up a little when you ate the eye.”

“This is wrong”

“The eye got me gaggin”

“The fact that it’s staring back at me NO THANK YOU!!!”

But others defended the cooking lesson. One person wrote:

“Of course they have to find something to say. Way to not waste!!!

Fair enough! It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are plenty of cooks around the world who would use the whole animal similar to David here.

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Still, it’s a little more upsetting when put in the context of David’s past behavior. He’s taken heat for a lot of controversial acts over the years, and has been accused of animal abuse on multiple occasions. Back in 2019, some followers denounced the way he was handling their pigs on one of Jenelle’s Instagram Live sessions.

Not long after, he made headlines for shooting and killing the family’s dog. (He later defended his actions by saying the dog had been aggressive towards their 2-year-old daughter.) Fans were further disturbed when he posted about killing and eating the family’s pet goat.

With all that in mind, we can understand how some fans would be disturbed watching him grill a hog’s head now.

But what do U think, Perezcious readers — does this vid freak you out? Or are you ready to sample some eyeball?

Drop your reactions in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram & David Eason/TikTok]

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