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Former Teen Mom Star Nathan Griffith Was ALSO Busted For A DUI In Florida Last Month?!

Former Teen Mom Star Nathan Griffith Was ALSO Busted For A DUI In Florida Last Month?!

The hits just keep coming for Teen Mom 2 alum Nathan Griffith.

As we’ve been reporting, Griffith (pictured above, in a separate mugshot and during his 2013-15 run on MTV) was arrested in Las Vegas earlier this month after allegedly strangling “a family member” during a domestic dispute.

Then, just a day later, his sister Heather Griffith came forward to reveal that she was the family member involved. According to Heather herself, Jenelle Evans‘ controversial ex “tried to kill” her after getting drunk in her Sin City home and attacking her while her husband was gone.

And now, we are learning there is even more to this sad and unfortunate recent run of awful events…

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On Monday, the US Sun obtained a police report indicating the 35-year-old MTV alum was arrested in Miami, Florida early last month. Per that report, Nathan was on Miami Beach with his wife May Oyola at around 7:00 pm local time on June 1 when calls started coming in to 911 about ” a disturbance between a male and a female.”

Officers reportedly found Griffith and Oyola arguing in a car. According to the report detailing responding officers’ observations, Griffith was in the driver’s seat of the vehicle during the incident:

“The driver was seen by officers sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle with the vehicle turned on and in park. Officers could smell the odor of alcohol emanating from the interior of the vehicle and from the defendant’s person.”


At that point, Oyola told cops she witnessed the one-time Teen Mom 2 personality drink “several alcoholic beverages” both in person and on FaceTime throughout that day.

So, cops pulled Griffith out of the car and asked him to do some field sobriety tests. Per the police affidavit, those tests apparently did not go well:

“The defendant exhibited slurred speech, glossy eyes and a flushed face indicative of a person under the influence of alcohol. … [He] failed to keep proper balance when conducting the walk and turn on one leg stand test and was unable to listen to instructions provided by Officer prior to conducting the testing.”

Upon failing those tests, cops took Griffith into custody and transported him to a local Miami PD precinct. Sadly, though, the drama didn’t end there. Cops noted this about the transfer in their report, too:

“The defendant was combative and irate during the transport striking the back cage of the patrol vehicle with his forehead.”


Once at the station, Nathan first refused to exit the cop car. Then, per the police notes, Griffith allegedly “refused to submit to a breath test” as part of the DUI investigation, too. He was eventually charged with driving under the influence, driving with a knowingly suspended license, and booked into jail.

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Other officers back at the scene of the initial interaction examined Griffith’s car while he was detained. In it, they reportedly found quite an unsettling item:

“[They found] an empty bottle of Tito’s vodka inside a black bag in the passenger side floorboard. The cap to the bottle was located on the driver’s side floorboard.”

That is an especially disheartening detail because, as you may recall, Heather Griffith referenced Tito’s Vodka by name when explaining last week to The US Sun how binge drinking has been at the center of Nathan’s struggles.

She told that outlet last Friday:

“It’s the binge drinking, that’s what he does. He’s a binge drinker. He’ll drink for like a week or two, like one to two bottles of Tito’s every single day. And then he’ll just quit — he’ll get in some kind of trouble or run out of money and then quit and then he does it all over again.”


All we can hope at this point is that Nathan gets professional help for all this.

And obviously that he doesn’t hurt his sister, Oyola, or anyone else around from here on out. So sad…

[Image via Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office/MTV/YouTube]

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