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Terrified Final Texts Of 22-Year-Old Who Died In Her Car During New York Blizzard

Terrified Final Texts Of 22-Year-Old Who Froze To Death In Her Car During New York Blizzard

A 22-year-old woman tragically died in her car the day before Christmas Eve after getting trapped in a blizzard.

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Anndel Taylor (pictured above), a nursing student in Buffalo, New York, first alerted her family via text message group chat that she was stuck in a serious blizzard while driving back home to North Carolina for the holidays. According to a TikTok posted by her sister on Monday, around 4:13 p.m. Anndel sent a video of her snow-covered car along with a message that read:

“stuck in a f**king blizzard”

One of her sisters, Sylva, not yet realizing the severity of the situation responded:

“Lmao … that’s the weather SpongeBob had to deliver them pizzas in”

Sadly, though, the situation wasn’t at all lighthearted. Anndel explained her predicament in another message, saying she’d been trying to drive but there was “snow up to the tires” of her car:

“Son I’m still here been here since 3 the car I’m driving muffler damn near on the ground already then snow up to the tires like I’m mad irritated”

After being asked if she had heat in her car and if she was okay, the 22-year-old responded:

“I’ve been in and out [of the car] shoveling [snow] mike just called the fire department tho they sending a cop to me idk how long thats gunna take”

Around 8:28 p.m. — nearly 6 hours after she first got trapped — her family became more worried, asking once again if she was okay. Anndel was trapped and the police hadn’t come to her rescue yet:

“it look like ima sleep here idk how long this gas will last

I’m livid bro my door damn near covered”

Her sister, Tomeshia, asked if the cops had “been on the way for 2 hours” to which the nursing student said “they get stuck too”. Tomeshia responded in annoyance:

“UNPREPARED !!! In a state known for it !”

Anndel continued to try and contact police and the fire department but no one was answering, and she assumed they must all be out and about during the hectic storm. At 11:55 p.m. she was still stuck in the snow, saying it was as deep as her waist, and if no one had come by morning she was going to walk through the pile to get help. Heartbreakingly, she wouldn’t make it until morning…

The next day, at around 9 a.m., the family once again took to the group chat to ask if anyone had heard from their loved one. Another sister, Nequa, said she’d tried to call “3 times” but no one could get ahold of Anndel. They tracked her phone’s location to see it was last pinged in the same spot of the road she was stuck in the day before.

Thirty hours after Anndel’s initial texts, police finally arrived but it was too late. On Christmas Eve around 9 p.m. they found the soon-to-be-23-year-old’s body in her car. So, so sad.

You can see the full video (below):

@tommie_shuh ANNDEL TAYLOR please keep my girl name alive and bring her home to Charlotte ! She will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN ???????????? Sit pretty baby and roll a FAT one ????????♬ People – Libianca

It wouldn’t be until Christmas Day at 7 p.m. her body was successfully removed from the car. Her mother, Wanda Brown Steele, shared to the New York Post on Tuesday she believes her daughter passed of carbon monoxide poisoning since snow covered the exhaust pipe of her car and she slept with the engine running:

“I think she went peacefully. She was laying back — she had her arms crossed and her foot up on the dashboard like she was peacefully asleep … That’s a state, that’s a city, that has this going on all the time — why [weren’t] they prepared? My baby sat out there from Friday to Christmas.”

Just gut-wrenching…

The family has set up a GoFundMe for final expenses, if you’d like to donate you can find the link HERE.

Our hearts go out to Anndel’s family and loved ones, we can’t imagine the heartbreak they’re experiencing. May she rest in peace.

[Image via TikTok/tommie_shuh]

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