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Chris Harrison Stepped Down From His Hosting Role -- So Why Was His Voice Still Part Of The Bachelor's Season Finale?!

Chris Harrison stepped back from hosting The Bachelor, so why was his voice still on the season finale?!

We’re confused: Chris Harrison recently stepped down (at least temporarily) from his hosting duties in the Bachelor franchise, right?

So… why was his voice still a part of Monday night’s season 25 finale of The Bachelor, then??

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Fans were shocked to hear the longtime host pop up in voice-overs all throughout yesterday’s show concluding Matt James‘ journey, along with After The Final Rose, with his work gracing the commercial breaks, teasing fans on what would be coming up next. Heck, the 49-year-old even introduced his replacement, Emmanuel Acho, at the beginning of After The Final Rose!

That alone seems to definitively confirm that Harrison’s V.O. job was done after his announcement about stepping aside over his defense of Rachael Kirkconnell‘s past racist actions. And it begs the question:

What The F**k?!

Fans and viewers were not too happy to hear Harrison, either — and for good reason! He’s supposed to be a phantom at this point, having given way to Acho and hopefully a more enlightened conversation about love, reality TV, and race. So to hear the longtime host still getting paid to be part of the show was a choice, y’all!

And not a good one! Twitter users slammed the decision, calling ABC‘s prior mea culpas “performative BS,” along with some writing (below):

“I guess Chris Harrison stepping away from #TheBachelor franchise involves him still doing voiceover work?”

“I’m sorry but is it not weird that they had Chris Harrison do the voiceover intro of the person they hired to replace him??”

“why would you continue to traumatize audiences with Chris Harrison’s voice and face? The point of requests that he step back isn’t just his growth, it’s to allow offended audiences time to heal. You are reopening the wound with his continued presence.”

“Why was Chris Harrison still doing the voice over? He even announced the new host. That is not stepping back enough for me”

“Did they really tell Chris Harrison he has to do the voice over letting us know that his replacement Emmanuel Acho would be on later for after the final rose???”

“Hang on, did I just hear Chris Harrison’s voice introducing Emmanuel Acho (God bless you) as the host of ATFR? That’s like washing your car and immediately smearing feces on it.”

“Chris Harrison isn’t doing After The Final Rose, but they asked him to do the voice over teases for Emmanuel Acho and ATFR? Strange decisions there.”

Strange indeed! To be honest, this viewer’s GIF reaction honestly and perfectly sums up our own take on unexpectedly hearing Harrison on Monday night (below):

Yeah… not a good look at all!!! Logistically speaking, it’s not like it would have been that hard to get Acho — or literally anyone else but Chris — in to do the voice-overs at some point this week, right?! What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Do U agree with us, and all those viewers, about Harrison’s unnecessary (and frankly inappropriate) voice work for the season finale??

Sound OFF about it with your take on the situation, down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Chris Harrison/Emmanuel Acho/Instagram]

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