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Bachelor In Paradise’s Tia Booth Reacts To Colton Underwood’s Coming Out!

Bachelor in Paradise’s Tia Booth Reacts To Colton Underwood’s Coming Out!

Colton Underwood has been making MANY headlines as fans and former lovers react to the joyous news of his coming out as gay!

BUT, with all the celebration, there have been some among Bachelor Nation demanding a reaction from every girlfriend of the Virgin Bachelor’s past. We’ve already heard from Lucy Hale (whom he was linked to just 9 months ago), and, of course, Cassie Randolph has been dealing with the shock after their traumatic breakup, but now Tia Booth is lending her voice to the conversation.

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Well… More like calming the fire in her Instagram DMs! The Bachelor In Paradise contestant finally caved to her follower’s wishes on Tuesday and shared a screenshot of direct messages asking for her “comment” on her former fling’s life update. She responded:

“@coltonunderwood knows how I feel. Love who you wanna love. There’s my statement. I am my own PR team gtg bye”

LOLz! That last bit was clearly a reaction to one follower’s frustrating request which literally made Tia react with: “Eww”! The anonymous fan said:

“one country bumpkin to another living in ‘the big city’ get your pr people to approve a statement on Colton because this is prime content that people are actively searching for”

Tia Booth Reacts To Colton Underwood’s Coming Out!
Jamming to T.I.’s Live You Life as the ultimate response! / (c) Tia Booth/Instagram

Umm — yes, Tia, “eww”!!! We get that this social media user just wanted to know how their fave ABC personality felt about the big interview, but just because she dated the man doesn’t mean she needs to provide a “statement.” And it’s certainly not a time to create “prime content” to boost her own celebrity! For real, we kinda love how casual Booth kept her reaction. Short and sweet!

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While the couple were briefly linked on Season 5 of BIP, it’s not like they were ever really serious. After sharing a few DMs before rolling on the beach, they left the romance for the camera and ultimately decided they were better as friends. In his memoir The First Time, the 29-year-old noted of Booth:

“We were better off as friends, and we’ve remained friends.”

She’s also one of the athlete’s “most trusted confidantes” to this day. No doubt Colton already knew his bestie had his back when coming out to the world! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you think it’s fair for fans to demand reactions from all Colton’s exes? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Colton Underwood/Tia Booth/Instagram]

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