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TikTok Bullying Is Driving Charli D'Amelio To Tears 'Almost Every Single Day' Says Pal James Charles

Charli DAmelio TikTok Bullying Crying James Charles

The crazy world of TikTok rears its ugly head again!

No, it’s not irresponsible TikTokers out partying during the pandemic this time, but rather an extensive case of cyber-bullying and some serious emotional reactions from the most popular star on the entire social media platform.

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According to YouTube star James Charles, TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio “frequently cries” over the hateful comments she receives from some fans and followers on the social networking site. Charles, who spoke about the situation on the new episode of the Unfiltered podcast that dropped earlier this week, revealed that the 16-year-old is brought to tears “almost every single day” by fan comments on her posts. WTF?!

The makeup guru explained more during the podcast, noting how even after billions of likes, his famous teenage friend tends to fixate on the bad stuff (below):

“She’s an amazing friend on a personal level, but on like a career level I’ve been really trying hard to be there for her, help wherever I can, give her and her family advice, just really be there. She’s one of those people I wanna make sure she’s okay, taken care of and not gonna go crazy from the amount of pressure she’s under — ’cause its insane. There’s been so many times where she’ll call me so upset, or crying over comments or something that’s happened, she’ll be like, ‘What do I do?’ [And I’m like] Charli — suck it up.”

Wow… And all over follower comments on TikTok!

Of course, Charles is no stranger to experiencing hate on the internet, himself. Remember that whole s**t show he got involved in with Jefree StarShane Dawson, and Tati Westbrook? Yeah…

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So in this case, especially, his advice should mean something, right?

And he’s got it in spades for his young pal D’Amelio, who is the most followed person on the increasingly popular social network.

The makeup expert advised (below):

“You can’t care. You have to get over this. You are literally the most famous person on the planet, you can not let one person who said something stupid on TikTok get to your head. You are so successful, you are killing it, you have so many people that love you — you have to get over it. … Some people need to hear that [tough love].”

Amen to that!

We can debate the “most famous person on the planet” remark about a TikTok star, of course, but Charles is right about the important stuff here, isn’t he?? And no, we’re not saying bullying online isn’t a real thing, or social media crowds can’t get aggressive, because bullying is 100% an epidemic and it’s the wild west out there online! And we get that!

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But at the same time, when you’re the biggest TikTok star on the planet, at some point you’ve got to learn to be able to say f**k off to random commenters who have nothing productive to add to the conversation! Just saying!!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Are we way off-base with that, or right on point?! And what do U think of Charles’ tough love advice for D’Amelio?!

Sound OFF about everything here with your thoughts, all down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Charli D’Amelio/James Charles/YouTube.]

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