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TJ Holmes & Amy Robach's Relationship Sounds REALLY Toxic!

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach's Relationship Sounds REALLY Toxic!

THIS is the kind of love they had an alleged affair for?! Yeesh!

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes — who famously got exposed for an affair while co-hosts on GMA3: What You Need to Know last November — have just revealed what their romance is *really* like. And it sounds toxic AF!

In the new episode of their podcast Amy & T.J. out on Tuesday, the lovebirds revealed how they handle arguments, or as they prefer to say, “hiccups” — that occur about… once a WEEK!?

Already a red flag!

Without getting into what they consistently bicker about, T.J. put a lot of blame on himself for not handling disagreements well, sharing:

“I am really, really bad about this. I don’t scream, I don’t yell, I don’t do anything. I don’t name-call, I don’t get aggressive. Nothing, but I will check out. I don’t need you to say ‘I’m sorry.’ I don’t need you to help me. I have to work through it, and I’m trying to get better at doing it quicker.”

Yet, him not needing an “I’m sorry” isn’t exactly the full truth…

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In fact, he went on to criticize how they don’t come fast enough! He added:

“It drives me crazy. Why? Because ‘I’m sorry’ comes 24 hours late. It’s how you react in the moment that makes all the difference in the world because, in that moment, we have a chance to go this way or this way. And if you go that way, I’m out. I’m done. … I’m checked out for the day.”

So, now it’s all her fault?? Oof!

As you’d imagine, the former 20/20 co-host isn’t a fan of her boyfriend ghosting her during these messy moments — especially since it’s a process that usually takes him around two days. Whoa! She explained her side of things:

“It’s two days, at least. I would rather have him yell at me than freeze me out for two days. … I’m like, I don’t know what to say, what to do, what he thinks.”

Jeez. Why can’t they just have a civil conversation about what is bothering them? Why does it have to be one of these extremes!? Neither of these options seem healthy on such a regular basis! Just saying!

Despite all these issues in their relationship, the couple have NO intention of splitting up! The 50-year-old, who was married to Andrew Shue, opened up about the possibility of marriage in last week’s episode, teasing:

“It’s under consideration. We did not enter this relationship for fun or for ‘Let’s see what happens.’ We entered this relationship because we intended on spending our lives together. So whether or not we have some sort of legal, you know, I don’t know, button on it.”

Since they “both have two marriages under our belts,” they’re in no rush, she added. As for T.J.? Well, Marilee Fiebig‘s ex is more concerned about optics, chiming in:

“I want to marry you, in part, because you’re 50 and I’m 46. And I’m very sick of introducing a 50-year-old woman as my girlfriend. That just sounds stupid.”

Such a romantic. LOLz!

They clearly have some things to work through, so for their family’s sake, we’re glad they aren’t rushing into another marriage. But damn. Things sure sound fiery in their relationship! Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Amy Robach/Instagram]

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