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Did Todd Chrisley Incriminate Himself In This 2017 Interview? DETAILS!

Did Todd Chrisley Incriminate Himself In This 2017 Interview? DETAILS!

Did Todd Chrisley give up the game on his tax evasion conviction more than five years ago?!

During a conversation with Domenick Nati on his eponymous talk show back in 2017, the Chrisley Knows Best star said some very inneresting things about a report that had just been published at the time about his alleged lack of tax payments in the state of Georgia. Maybe too much??

And knowing what we know now about Todd, and his wife Julie Chrisley, this old convo is really something!! We are definitely looking back on it with wonder following Monday’s sentencing hearing in which the reality TV stars got prison terms of 12 and seven years, respectively, following their tax evasion and bank fraud convictions.

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The resurfaced interview took place during a segment on the Domenick Nati Show five years ago. In it, Nati asked Todd straight-up to address the then-new allegation over his tax bill. In the segment, Domenick queried:

“A news report came out recently that accused you of listing yourself as a resident of Georgia, but claimed you never filed income taxes for the state. Are these allegations true, or just misinformed?”

Todd took serious issue with the story, which was originally published by WSB-TV investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer back in February of 2017. (You can see her original reporting from that time HERE.)

In his answer to Nati, Todd referenced Donald Trump (yes, really) in his response:

“First of all, don’t you think as a member of the press, how would you have a copy of what I file? Income taxes are not public. If that’s the case, the President of the United States [Trump], everybody wouldn’t be bitching about him not turning his over. But I have been a Florida resident for over 15 years. My taxes have always been filed. And if I don’t make money in Georgia I don’t pay taxes on it in Georgia.”

He admitted to not paying taxes in Georgia? Despite famously living there? We mean, we know where he lives, the family was on a reality TV show! Legally remaining “a Florida resident” even though you live in Georgia is exactly the kind of discrepancy the Internal Revenue Service look for. Huh.

Todd also claimed he pays up to a million dollars in taxes “just about every year” to the federal government:

“I’m not worried about an off-beat reporter attaching her name to my name in order for her to have a name. Obviously, the federal government likes my tax returns, because I pay $750,000 to a million dollars just about every year. So the federal government doesn’t have a problem with my taxes.”


Obviously, this Summer’s tax evasion conviction and then Monday’s sentencing hearing might suggest otherwise.

But regardless, Todd went on to slam Fleischer for the report. He even took a dig at her supposed salary and her “bad dye job” while criticizing the woman:

“If you will notice, the article said I didn’t file taxes in Georgia. So in order for her to say that, she’d obviously know that I’m making money. Financially, the Chrisleys are fine. So, certainly an off-beat reporter who is making about $35,000 a year and has a bad dye job would not have access to my personal taxes.”


At that point, a PR rep cuts into the interview and asks Nati to only question Todd about his reality TV ventures. Ugh! But this is the good stuff!!!

You can listen to the whole thing beginning at about the 3:33 mark in the video (below):


As Nati himself has noted, this 2017 interview was mentioned in the IRS’ initial indictment of Todd back in 2019. So clearly, the federal government was loving that the reality star dished all this dirt publicly. No word on whether they truly loved his supposed seven-figure tax returns, though…

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN]

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