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Todd Chrisley Speaks On 'The Truth' After Being 'Unfairly Targeted' In Tax Evasion Case!

Investigation Finds Todd Chrisley Was ‘Unfairly Targeted’ Due To His ‘Celebrity Status’ In Tax Evasion Case -- And He Reacts!

There’s been a shocking update in the Chrisley family tax evasion case!

As you may know, Todd and Julie Chrisley were accused of evading almost $2 million in state taxes between 2008 and 2016. However, the Department of Revenue later found that the reality stars only owed less than $77,000 due to an incorrect filing one year and even overpaid in other years. Regardless, they still remain under federal indictment by a grand jury for tax evasion, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, wire fraud conspiracy, and aiding the filing of false tax returns. But who knows if all of this will stick based on recent findings from the investigation, which was launched by the stars’ lawyer after learned about some misconduct going on behind the scenes of the case.

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According to E! News, Atlanta’s Office of the Inspector General revealed the Georgia Department of Revenue mishandled the assets forfeited over to the government by the duo. A bulk of the issues stemmed from Joshua Waites, who was the director of the DOR’s Office of Special Investigations before resigning last year after he lied about having a criminal justice degree and was sued by Todd. The investigation uncovered that Waites posed on their seized furniture for pictures and bragged about it in messages. Additionally, his office filed the wrong request with the US Treasury to access the television personalities’ bank accounts. The report stated about the discoveries:

“By posing on the Chrisley’s furniture, Director Waites and other senior DOR leadership undermined DOR’s ability to maintain a position of impartiality in the enforcement of state laws.”

It also noted that the incidents “lends credence to Todd Chrisley’s complaints that he was unfairly targeted for investigation due to his ‘celebrity status.’”


The Chrisley’s lawyer Christopher S. Anulewicz addressed the findings in a statement to E!, saying:

“After an exhaustive investigation, the Georgia Office of Inspector General confirmed there was credible evidence to show Todd Chrisley was unfairly targeted for investigation by the Georgia Department of Revenue because of Mr. Chrisley’s ‘celebrity status.’ Moreover the OIG confirmed that DOR utilized unauthorized means to pursue information regarding the Chrisleys. The Chrisleys are grateful for the OIG’s efforts, as everyone in Georgia should be. The OIG’s efforts brought to light what it called ‘an unpleasant chapter of DOR’s history,’ and its efforts can allow DOR to positively move forward. Unfortunately, the Chrisleys are still dealing with the fallout of this unpleasant chapter. As a result of the combined efforts of the OIG and the Chrisleys, the truth is now revealed.”

Todd also reiterated a similar sentiment, sharing his glee over how things are turning out with the legal matter on Instagram Thursday:

“So blessed and grateful for all of those that knew the truth and stood with us side by side to reveal it , so much more is still to come about how this entire tax situation came about and how all parties were seeking recognition based on lies,criminal conduct, and trying to advance their careers. we stand stead fast in our faith and look forward to every dirty deed being exposed with more truth than anyone could ever imagine , stay tuned.”

We definitely will have to wait and see what happens next with Todd and Julie’s legal troubles! Thoughts on the report findings, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

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