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Tom Brady Breaks Supposed Gisele Curse AND NFL Record In 'F**king Awesome' Win

Tom Brady Breaks Gisele Curse Tampa Bay Win

Remember all that talk of Gisele Bündchen being a witch who could easily draw power back from Tom Brady? Well, apparently there’s one thing stronger than witchcraft — that arm!

After a slump that had fans questioning whether he’d retire again (and TikTok witches speculating he’d only ever been as successful as he was because of her), Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to victory on Sunday, squeaking one out 16-13 against the LA Rams. It was the 45-year-old’s final drive in the fourth quarter that sealed the team’s victory — with just nine seconds left on the clock, he threw the game-winning touchdown, his 36th complete pass of the night.

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Not only that, he broke more than whatever curse was on him — he also broke an NFL record, becoming the first ever QB to reach 100,000 yards of completed passes! The nearest competitor, retired Saints QB Drew Brees isn’t even close with 85,724 yards.

After once again proving he’s the GOAT even post-retirement, he told reporters excitedly:

“That was awesome. That was f**king awesome. It’s all about the win, It’s all about the win, man. I never cared about the [records]. All about the win.”

Seems like being in denial is working out for Tom after all!

[Image via RWong/MEGA/WENN.]

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Nov 07, 2022 15:44pm PDT