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Raquel Leviss & Tom Sandoval's Affair Was Almost Exposed At Scheana Shay's Wedding!!

Raquel Leviss & Tom Sandoval's Affair Was Almost Exposed At Scheana Shay's Wedding!!

As it turns out, Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval nearly got caught MONTHS before their affair was actually revealed to the public in early March!

Other Vanderpump Rules stars continue to connect the dots on sketchy happenings and bizarre not-so-random occurrences from the past half-year or so. And the most suspicious one of them all is speaking out once more!!

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Yes, if you’re keeping score at home on this one, we’re totally talking about Scheana Shay. The Scheananigans podcast host popped up on Thursday during an Amazon Live shopping session and dished to fans about the ongoing VPR cheating bombshell.

While pushing products on the shopping giant’s streaming site, the 37-year-old Shay revealed how it was actually at her wedding to now-husband Brock Davies back in August of last year that she first was tipped off to some strange behavior. While Scheana and Tom’s then-girlfriend Ariana Madix were busy doing wedding stuff, it turns out Raquel (who was also a bridesmaid) and Sandoval (who was a groomsman, along with BFF Tom Schwartz) were, uhh, pretty preoccupied. Yes, even beyond what Raquel and Schwartz got into that weekend!!

Recalling how Sandoval and Raquel were seemingly really cozy at one point right before Scheana and Brock’s seaside ceremony, the California native explained:

“One of my girlfriends was like, ‘so I was at the pool the morning of your wedding and I was just looking back at some of my photos and there’s literally one with Tom and Raquel in the background in a cabana just hanging out at the pool together.’ And my friend thought, ‘don’t you guys need to be getting ready for the wedding? You’re actually in the wedding.'”


Scheana went on to add her very clear disgust at the situation now that she thinks back to it with the knowledge of what happened earlier this month:

“They knew that Ariana was occupied with me as a good friend and a good bridesmaid so they took that time to hang out. It’s just so disgusting I mean I sometimes don’t even have words for it.”


Of course, the luxurious wedding is a focal point on currently-airing episodes of Vanderpump Rules. So it’ll be interesting to see whether that poolside cabana connection ever comes up on Bravo soon! (Judging by the fact that Scheana is so openly talking about it now, well, you never know…)

Capping the commentary on Amazon Live, Shay concluded:

“I can’t completely say that I was surprised because he’s cheated in the past and you’ll also find out some more things in the scene I filmed with him as well as at the reunion. So, I was definitely surprised with how it happened, who it was with and how long it had been going on for. But I can’t say that I’m surprised that he cheated.”

Jeez. Hindsight is 20-20 and all, but just… damn!

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As Perezcious readers will recall, this actually is far from the first so-called Easter egg Shay and VPR co-stars have uncovered regarding the TomTom co-owner and his 28-year-old mistress. Heck, just this week Shay and longtime pal Lala Kent were discussing other “red flags” the two previously noticed about Sandoval and Leviss.

That one in particular came after a night out on the town, when Raquel never confirmed with Scheana whether she “got home safe” at the end of the evening:

“I noticed her location was off when I just went to see if she made it home safe one night because she didn’t respond to my text. I’m like, ‘hey, home safe?’ No response. I’m like, ‘let me just check. Hmm, location not loading, not available, not available. Like, that’s weird. She must not have service.'”

Kent agreed in that podcast dissection, adding:

“It was weird when [Leviss] shared her location for such a long time and then turned it off.”

So, from that location-sharing oopsie to this now-unearthed wedding weekend vibe…

Turns out it was in front of everyone’s eyes the entire time??

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

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