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Tristan Thompson THREATENS Lamar Odom Over Khloé Kardashian Thirst Comment! WHOA!

Tristan Thompson Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian Instagram Comments Threat

Wait, let us get this straight… These two men are fighting over Khloé Kardashian — when BOTH lost her by cheating multiple times? Hmm…

In case you missed it earlier on Friday, Lamar Odom apparently decided to shoot his shot with his ex on Instagram, flirting with her via an amorous comment on her latest impossibly hot thirst trap pic:


Completely with the heart eyes emojis and everything.

But he wasn’t the only one.

Her more recent ex — and baby daddy — Tristan Thompson also took notice of the KUWTK star’s Revenge Body (TM), posting:

Tristan Thompson comment Khloe Kardashian Instagram 1
(c) Instagram

He seemed content to try again to ingratiate himself with Khloé, something we’ve heard she’s kind of over at this point. After all, after months of working to get back together, he allegedly cheated AGAIN. Which was either the third or twentieth time, depending on how many women you believe.

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However, once Tristan saw Lamar’s thirsty comment, he went OFF THE RAILS, tweeting out the not-so-veiled threat:

“God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results.”

Tristan Thompson comment Khloe Kardashian Instagram 2
(c) Instagram


Even if he’s only joking, he’s obviously referring to Lamar’s brush with death back in 2015. As a refresher, the basketball star fell into a coma after an overdose at a Nevada brothel — and many didn’t expect him to pull through.

Khloé rushed to his side and took care of him. And he came back.

And that’s what Tristan is using to threaten him now?? Not a good look, guy. Besides, you have no claim over this woman. You don’t own her, you damn sure don’t own her body.

Not that anyone could tell him that! A source just this week told People:

“Tristan’s still trying to get Khloé back. He hasn’t given up and he doesn’t think the door is closed. She’s unfortunately someone who wants to always try and see the best in him.”

Commenters were not kind to Tristan then OR now. His latest comment for ratioed like WILD, with critics putting him in his place, savagely remarking:

“@realtristan13 how many times of you commented that on a woman’s picture today bro? pipe down lmafo”

“you’ve had her and clearly don’t want her! Sit down Mr Thompson!”

“god you are such a loooooser”

“you are so toxic. It’s a damn shame”

“he married her and made her a wife.. you made her a baby momma and embarrassed her to the world you have the AUDACITY SIR”

Look, we’re not about to pretend Lamar never did anything wrong. But Tristan needs to back off from claiming Khlo like some kind of caveman. Because gurl deserves better — and mostly she deserves to make HER OWN CHOICES!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is Tristan being so territorial bothering Khloé? Or is she LOVING the attention here??

[Image via KUWTK/YouTube.]

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