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Tupac Murder Suspect Now Says He Totally Made Up His Shooting Claims -- For Cash!

Tupac Murder Suspect Now Says He Totally Made Up His Shooting Claims -- For Cash!

DuaneKeefe DDavis is switching up his story.

27 years after Tupac Shakur was killed in a drive-by shooting, it seemed like the rapper was finally going to see justice. In September, the Las Vegas Police Department arrested Keefe D in connection with the murder of the Dear Mama rapper after he’d been “boasting” about how cops couldn’t “do s**t.” But things just took a turn…

On Tuesday, The US Sun reported that the 60-year-old said he only spoke about Tupac’s fatal shooting in YouTube videos and in the book, Compton Street Legend, for financial gain. And he said MarionSugeKnight, who was in the car with Pac the night of the drive-by, can attest to his innocence.

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The claim comes in a 33-page bail application, obtained by the outlet, which requests he be let out on house arrest at a bail set at $100,000. In the legal filings, his lawyers argued:

“The most compelling evidence that Duane was not involved in the murder of Shakur comes from the mouth of the surviving victim and only living eyewitness, Marion ‘Suge’ Knight.”

The filings added that Suge, who is currently incarcerated in California, was interviewed by TMZ after Keefe D’s arrest. In the interview, he was asked to clarify whether Orlando Anderson, another possible suspect in the Keep Ya Head Up rapper’s death, who died in 1998, was the shooter — and if Keefe D was involved. He was also asked if the shooting was “revenge” for “Orlando getting beat up by Tupac and his team [at] the MGM,” to which Suge responded with a resounding “No.”

Subsequently, he was asked who was responsible for pulling the trigger, and Suge responded:

“It wasn’t Anderson, that’s all I have to say about that.”


Keefe D’s lawyers further argued:

“Despite being the only living eyewitness, and a surviving victim, the State did not have Knight testify before the Grand Jury. Knight’s public statements have refuted Duane’s alleged version of events as recited in the book Compton Street Legend and in the YouTube interviews.”

The legal team also added that Keefe D and Suge grew up playing football together, and have known each other for 50 YEARS, so the Death Row Records founder would have been able to identify him if he was involved in the murder:

“Knight and Duane grew up playing football together in Compton. They played on the same team. Knight’s father and uncle were the coaches. They’ve known each other for approximately fifty years. If Duane’s story in the book was true; that him and Knight locked eyes before Shakur was shot, Knight would have been able to identify Duane and Anderson.”

They also chalked Keefe D’s prosecution by a grand jury as speculative, according to the outlet.

Wow, this definitely makes for a major new wrinkle in the already convoluted pursuit for justice…

The outlet also reported that Keefe D only decided to get involved in the book and do YouTube interviews after seeing LAPD detective Greg Kading profit off the situation, and that a previous admission to involvement in Pac’s death was just for a plea deal. The bail application stated:

“This task force threatened he would go to prison for life unless he admitted to involvement in Shakur’s death. Duane was offered immunity in exchange for admitting to being involved in the death of Shakur. Information from this immunity deal was released into the public by Greg Kading. Kading secretly recorded one of the interviews and went on to write a book and movie and to produce a miniseries from the secret recording. Duane decided to become involved with the publishing of the book Compton Street Legend and to give interviews for money after watching Greg Kading profit from the situation.”

The lawyers added:

“It has not been established which parts of the book, if any, Duane wrote.”


As for his bail, Keefe D’s lawyers argued he’s “not a threat to the community,” and that he’s “not a flight risk.” He left the drug game in his rearview window, they say, and he suffers from colon cancer and heart problems, which require doctor’s visits:

“Going on the run would be a death sentence for him.”

This is a LOT. What do YOU make of it?? Do you believe Keefe D’s legal team? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via MTV News/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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