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Tupac Shakur Murder Suspect Was 'Boasting' About How Cops Couldn't 'Do S**t' Prior To Las Vegas Arrest!

Tupac Shakur Murder Suspect Was ‘Boasting’ About How Cops Couldn’t ‘Do S**t’ Prior To Arrest!

Tupac Shakur’s murder suspect may have spoken too soon…

Days after the Las Vegas Police Department arrested DuaneKeefe DDavis in connection with the All Eyez On Me rapper’s fatal 1996 drive-by shooting, we’re hearing more about how the suspect’s own overconfidence may have led to his arrest.

On Sunday, Las Vegas sources told The US Sun that Keefe D would often brag about the murder investigation, believing he would never be held accountable:

“Keefe openly mocked the prospect of justice for many years when he felt that the police were never going to take action against him.”

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If only he knew what was to come… The source continued:

“Two decades after the killing he almost went into hyperdrive talking and boasting about his role in the death. He’d be at parties and events and enjoying the limelight being considered the man who knew the secrets of how Tupac passed. When people would ask if he had fears of police taking action, Keefe would say ‘The police ain’t gonna do s**t.’”

But as we all know, the police did, in fact, do s**t. He was arrested and charged last Friday in a shocking turn in the seemingly cold case.

According to the outlet, Keefe D also allegedly told associates he had a proffered deal, or a contract between a prosecutor and defendant in which the defendant provides useful information that can’t be used against them in court. However, the source explained:

“Keefe’s foolish attitude got him in trouble and his lack of knowledge of the law may have cost him his freedom.”

Inneresting. The insider continued:

Las Vegas Metro Police had not taken that much of an interest in the Tupac case for many years because they thought [they] could not find compelling enough evidence to move forward. But Keefe’s own boasts and comments led to him becoming a person of interest for Metro and then detectives discussed with the DA whether those comments could help them seek a prosecution. Keefe ignored police who made several efforts to reach out to him. Detectives went around to talk to them and he told them ‘You ain’t got nothing on me’ and that’s why they have taken this action.”

Oof… So his reported arrogance ended up being enough for law enforcement to nail him?? You gotta be careful with your words! But in this case, we’re glad he wasn’t!

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