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Two Teenagers Found Guilty Of Stabbing To Death Transgender 16-Year-Old Brianna Ghey

Two Teenagers Convicted For Stabbing To Death Transgender 16-Year-Old Brianna Ghey

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

The verdict is finally in on the two teenagers accused of brutally murdering 16-year-old transgender girl Brianna Ghey.

As we previously reported, the teen was found dead on a path in Linear Park in Culcheth, Warrington, Cheshire, back in February. She was stabbed 28 times in the head, neck, and chest during the day. A 16-year-old unnamed boy and a 16-year-old unnamed girl were arrested following the vicious attack and charged with murder. And now, after an 18-day trial at Manchester Crown Court, the Cheshire Constabulary revealed that the two teenagers were found guilty of killing Brianna.

Per a statement, the Constabulary shared that Detectives from the Force’s Major Investigation Team “spent months piecing together the case, gathering vital evidence, speaking to numerous witnesses, viewing hours of CCTV footage, and carrying out forensic enquiries.” And what they figured out is disturbing. When the case went to trial, the court learned the female defendant started a friendship with Brianna “and spent a significant amount of time trying to convince Brianna to meet up with her and the boy in Culcheth that day.” And eventually, she agreed to meet with the duo.

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On February 11, 2023, the pair met Brianna “at the bus stop” near the area, and the trio went towards Culcheth Linear Park. Brianna had no idea the teenagers “carefully constructed plan to kill her.” The statement continued:

“They led Brianna deep into the park before brutally murdering her. However, their frenzy was cut short when they were disturbed by two dog walkers who suspected something suspicious, and they quickly fled the scene together.”

Brianna’s body was found by the dog walkers, who immediately called the police. When law enforcement arrived at the scene, they saw she had suffered multiple stab wounds. First responders immediately began CPR. However, her injuries were too severe. She was sadly pronounced dead at the scene. Just gut-wrenching.

The Constabulary went on to say that the two teenagers were quickly identified as suspects “after a number of eye witnesses came forward following a large media appeal.” They were taken into custody 24 hours after the murder. When police searched the defendants’ homes and phones for evidence, there were some very alarming findings. For starters, the statement shared it became clear that “the defendants had an unhealthy fascination with murder and torture,” adding:

“A hand-written note detailing their plan to kill Brianna was found during a search of the girl’s bedroom. A hunting knife, believed to be the murder weapon, was also recovered from the boy’s bedroom, and found to contain traces of Brianna’s blood. Thousands of deleted text messages, exchanged between the two defendants, were restored from their mobile phones.”

And that is not all. The statement continued:

“This evidence proved that the pair had discussed their sadistic fantasies for months prior to the attack and had thought of multiple ways in which they could kill a number of children, including Brianna.”


Police also noted that the text messages further revealed that there had been other attempts on Brianna’s life:

“Earlier this year, the girl claimed in her messages to the boy that she had given Brianna a number of ibuprofen tablets – Brianna’s mum, Esther, confirmed that Brianna was extremely unwell at the time and had to take a day off school. When the girl realised Brianna had recovered, she messaged the boy asking for alternative ways to kill Brianna.”

The Constabulary added:

“On Saturday 28 January, the defendants arranged to meet Brianna in Culcheth for the first time with the intention of murdering her. Brianna cancelled due to a family commitment, but they decided to meet up anyway, as shown in their messages, to finalise the details of their plan to kill her. They set a new date – Saturday 11 February.”

And then they carried out the horrific murder plan. Both of the teens “vehemently denied any involvement in Brianna’s death” at first. However, the Constabulary explained that “when the messages (that they thought were irrecoverable) were put to them, they began to turn on each other.”

Since being found guilty, they now face mandatory sentences of life in prison. At this time, they have been identified only as girl X and boy Y since they are minors. However, The Independent reported that a judge ruled the two teens can be named by the press once they are officially sentenced on February 2.

Following the verdicts, her mom, Esther Ghey, expressed in a press conference about how the family “miss Brianna so much”:

“The house feels so empty without her laughter. To know how scared my usually fearless child must have been when she was alone in that park with someone she called her friends will haunt me forever.”

We cannot imagine what she must be going through right now. Detective Inspector Nige Parr of the Major Investigation Team, and Senior Investigating Officer for Operation Moment, also said in a statement:

“Today, two teenagers have been found guilty of Brianna’s murder. I hope this result brings about some closure for Brianna’s family and helps them as they try and rebuild their lives. Brianna did not deserve her fate. She was targeted because she was different, and betrayed by someone she thought was a friend, and for her to have lost her life as a result of their senseless actions is tragic in every sense of the word.”

It is absolutely devastating what happened to Brianna. Reactions to the verdict, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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[Image via Briana Ghey/TikTok, SkyNews/YouTube]

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