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Pulling A Dakota Johnson! Tyler Perry Awkwardly Confronts Jimmy Kimmel Over Party Snub!

Tyler Perry Pulls Dakota Johnson Confronts Jimmy Kimmel Party Invite

Oh snap, do we have another “That’s not the truth, Ellen” clip on our hands??

Tyler Perry stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, and he came locked and loaded. Jimmy Kimmel walked right into it as he asked the Madea Homecoming star:

“Last time you were here, I don’t know if you remember, was right after you’d opened your big studio in Atlanta.”

Without missing a beat, Tyler jabbed:

“Yeah, that you didn’t come to the big party I had. You got an invitation that you didn’t come to. That one. I remember. I’m still scarred from it. And you said you’d send me a gift, and I still don’t have the gift. So where’s the gift? You didn’t come, you didn’t send the gift.”

Oh no!

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This of course immediately put us in mind of the now iconic moment when Ellen DeGeneres asked neighbor Dakota Johnson why she wasn’t invited to her party, and Dakota exposed the host on live TV — revealing not only had she invited her after being harangued about the previous party, but also that Ellen didn’t bother showing up and had no excuse! Oh man, we could watch it once a week…

Like Ellen, Kimmel was caught off guard. He sent Guillermo to get some kind of gift from the Hollywood Blvd souvenir shop next door. Clearly embarrassed and scrambling, Kimmel then tried to blame the pandemic for not getting to Atlanta — but Tyler wasn’t letting him off the hook so easily. He pointed out this was in 2019, before anyone knew about COVID.

Trying to deflect with a joke, the late night host quipped:

“I figured it must have been intended for Jimmy Fallon or something. I was thinking, like, ‘Well, why would I be invited to your party?'”

But the powerhouse producer just wouldn’t let it go, hitting back:

“Well, it said Jimmy Kimmel, and I did a special video to you, saying please come. So I don’t know how you could have gotten that mistaken.”

When Jimmy finally admitted he remembered, Tyler joked:

“And now you remember why you haven’t invited me back since then, because I always give you a hard time.”

Eventually, Guillermo returned with a makeup gift: a plastic Oscar statue that read “Best Dad.” LOLz! Perry laughed it off, saying:

“This is perfect. You are forgiven, you made up for it.”

Ch-ch-check it out for yourself (below)!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/Ellen/YouTube.]

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Feb 25, 2022 13:13pm PDT