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Uvalde School Shooting: Newly Released Video Shows Cops RUNNING AWAY From Shooter! WTF?!

Uvalde School Shooting: Newly Released Video Shows Cops RUNNING AWAY From Shooter! WTF?!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Newly released surveillance video from the May 2022 mass shooting at Robb Elementary School appears to show police officers running through the halls of the school — away from the gunshots.

The Uvalde, Texas tragedy claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers inside the elementary school’s classrooms. However, police officers on scene moved back and away from the shots rather than charging in to neutralize the shooter. And their lack of action lasted for more than an hour as the shooter killed at will.

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The damning new video was published by the Austin American-Statesman newspaper on Tuesday. In the clip, which is 82 minutes long, officers can be seen running into the school not long after the shooter begins his awful rampage. However, rather than choosing to confront him, cops step back and regroup in the hallway.

During the long surveillance video, per the New York Post, one cop can be seen using hand sanitizer that was affixed to one of the school’s hallway walls. Another cop is seen checking his phone while officers line up and wait to do, well, nothing. At one point, cops can be seen fleeing from a hail of bullets. The school shooter apparently fired a volley of shots at police, sending them fleeing from their defensive positions. The shooter then continued his terror as police failed to answer back.

Through the second half of the video, reinforcements arrive with tactical gear and even more weapons. And yet still the police refuse to breach the classroom. The Post even notes that cops can be seen “walking around in the hallway, leaving, coming back, talking to each other, and making calls” instead of moving in to stop the shooter. They set up outside the classroom, but according to TMZ, cops “don’t attempt to enter for another 30 minutes.” Per that outlet, footage even shows cops searching for keys to the classroom door, which investigators determined later WASN’T EVEN LOCKED.

When officers finally did go in, the shooter reportedly emerged from a closet, and that’s when a Border Patrol agent who wasn’t even supposed to be at the scene shot and killed him. So the cops did absolutely nothing, then more nothing, and even MORE nothing, and then finally a Border Patrol agent who wasn’t part of their detail and wasn’t even supposed to be on duty that day took it upon himself to end things. Did we get that right?

At least one of those cops used the hand sanitizer in the hallway, though… Completely BEYOND f**king infuriating! Children were being killed while they took their precious time.

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Vincent Salazar, whose 11-year-old daughter Layla was killed in the shooting, told the Post that families of the victims felt “blindsided” by the release of the video. State lawmakers had claimed they were going to release it over the next few days — after first giving victims’ families time to view it and speak privately with officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety. However, the newspaper jumped the gun, obtaining and releasing the video on Tuesday.

As unexpected as that may have been, Salazar is correctly incensed at the officers who failed to act:

“We all know that the [police] didn’t do their jobs, but seeing it will reaffirm that. There needs to be accountability. A lot of these people who didn’t act shouldn’t have their jobs.”

That’s 1,000% correct.

It’s time for these officers to face very, very serious professional consequences. At the very VERY least, it should go unsaid that their careers in law enforcement must be completely finished. All of them. PERIOD!

If you want, you can watch the Austin American-Statesman‘s new surveillance video of the school shooting (below). It is not physically graphic, but it’s obviously incredibly disturbing, so please use good judgement if you wish to view:

Such an awful, awful situation.

There are so many cops in this country who are decent, and who want to do the right thing, and who have it in themselves to put their lives on the line when horrible things happen. And then there are these guys.

What the f**k were these Uvalde cops thinking?!?!

[Image via Austin American-Statesman/YouTube]

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