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Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Who Rushed To Save Students From Uvalde School Shooter Speaks Out On The 'Chaos' Of What Happened That Day

Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Who Rushed To Save Students From Uvalde School Shooter Speaks Out On The 'Chaos' Of What Happened That Day

A border patrol agent who rushed to save his family from the 18-year-old gunman that had shot and killed 19 students and two teachers with an assault rifle in Uvalde, Texas is speaking out about what happened that horrific day.

In an interview with The Ingraham Angle on Tuesday, Border Patrol agent Jacob Albarado recalled how he had just been at Robb Elementary School attending an award ceremony for his 8-year-old daughter Jayda but left shortly afterward to get a haircut. That is when things took a heart-dropping turn for him. While at a barber shop nearby, Jacob suddenly received a horrifying text from his wife, Trisha, who is a teacher at the school, revealing there was a shooter on the grounds. The message read:

“There’s an active shooter… Help… I love you.”

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Immediately, Jacob jumped into action and borrowed his barber’s shotgun before rushing over to the elementary school on foot to find his wife and daughter. When the off-duty agent arrived at the scene, he said it had been nothing but “chaos” all around him:

“I just announced who I was and made my way toward my wife’s room. I just saw a whole bunch of kids running out, running off campus, jumping through the windows, cops breaking windows. It was complete chaos, pretty much.”

But amid the mayhem, Jacob managed to get in contact with Trisha on the phone after she escaped her classroom and fled to a nearby funeral home with others. He also mentioned that the shooter avoided his wife’s classroom, instead focusing on the rooms on the other side of the same hallway. Meanwhile, his daughter was reportedly locked in a bathroom.

Armed with the shotgun, Jacob began clearing out the classrooms in the wing where Jayda was located while a tactical team was forming to enter the area where the shooter had been. The father previously told The New York Times that he had immediately hugged his kid when he managed to find her – but still kept going to bring other students to safety. He shared with the outlet:

“I did what I was trained to do.”

Law enforcement has faced a ton of scrutiny over the past week for their slow response to the attack, along with their reluctance to storm into the school and confront the shooter despite parents begging them to do so. Speaking on the criticism, the father said on The Ingraham Angle that while he was looking for his child, he wanted to help as many other people as possible, too:

“It was just complete chaos. Everybody was concerned for their child. Thankfully, like I said I was off duty. I’ve been born and raised in Uvalde for going on 42 years. It’s a small community. Everyone pretty much knows who I am. I was able to get on campus… I wasn’t just trying to save my child, I was trying to get as many people out of there as I could.”

And as for how his daughter has been doing since the shooting? Jacob shared that she has been “fine for the most part” but noted that she lost some of her friends in the massacre. So awful…

[Image via Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth/YouTube, Fox News/YouTube]

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