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Vanderpump Rules' Brittany Cartwright Claims She Didn't Get Paid For Most Of Her First Season!

Vanderpump Rules Brittany Cartwright Claims She Didn't Get Paid For Most Of Her First Season!

Before Brittany Cartwright became a household name in the Bravosphere, she had to pinch her pennies!

The 34-year-old wife of Jax Taylor opened up on their podcast, When Reality Hits, and got real about when she joined Vanderpump Rules back in 2015 for season four. On Friday’s episode, she dished:

“I didn’t get paid my first season of Vanderpump Rules — until the very, very end. I was broke. It took a lot out of me.”


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This was super rough on her relationship with her now-husband. Before the wedding in 2019, the early stages of their romance were met with financial hardship. Brittany was still living in her Kentucky hometown when she decided to pack up and move out to El Lay because flying back and forth to see her man was becoming too expensive. The 44-year-old Bravo star said of his wife:

“It was costing her. This is the beginning of the show and it was costing her $800 to $900. She was in Kentucky [working at a bar and Hooters] and $800 is a lot of money [to spend on airfare].”

Only a few months into their relationship, the couple were trying to make it work long distance but were struggling due to all the extra expenses:

“It was like three months in. Because I had to work, I was going back and forth to see you. I was at work for a week and then would see you the next week. It was like two months.”

Of course, by 2019, Jax was reported to be the highest-paid cast member on the show — but back at the beginning, this was a real struggle for them! All that flying and traveling, it’s no surprise she decided to make the big move. With how big of a role she had in season four, it’s wild they were allegedly barely paying her anything for her time!

Brittany and Jax aren’t the first ones to open up about VPR‘s supposedly lacking paychecks. Last month, Kristen Doute revealed on the Good Guys podcast to host Josh Peck she only got around $10,000 for a whole year as a lump sum:

“Season one, we made $10,000. It was actually $5,000, and then they added like, an additional $5,000.”

While in 2019 on the Juicy Scoop podcast, Jax claimed he actually made a bit more than that — and got some extra incentives and deals, too:

“It was $15,000 to do the whole season. They were giving us a lot. There was incentives and right off the bat I was getting promotions and deals and things like that.”

Damn! The difference in perspectives from the ladies and Jax is pretty eye-opening, to say the least.

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[Image via Brittany Cartwright Cauchi/Instagram/Bravo/YouTube]

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