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VPR Cast Grew Suspicious Of Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss’ Relationship After They Were Caught 'Looking Cozy' At Club

VPR Cast Grew Suspicious Of Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss’ Relationship After They Got Cozy At Club

Did James Kennedy’s girlfriend catch Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss red-handed MONTHS before Ariana Madix and the rest of the world found out about their affair?!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen a ton of missed clues — and theories — about their relationship, details which seemed obvious after the fact. Although Sandoval and Raquel fooled many people, it turns out they did not fool Ally Lewber, who supposedly saw them together at one point!

Sources told Page Six on Wednesday that Ally actually saw the controversial pair getting cozy at The Abbey in West Hollywood way back in August 2022. AUGUST?! Yep, word is they were carrying on their secret affair for about seven months when it was discovered. Scheana Shay’s friend Kael Ramsey Ackerson previously claimed on the Jamie All Over podcast that Raquel confessed to her she grew “closer” to him after going on a girl’s trip to Las Vegas in August of last year. So this would have been right at the start! Maybe they hadn’t figured out how to be careful yet…

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What did Sandoval and Raquel do when they got caught? One insider said they began acting “a little strange” and suspicious:

“James’ girlfriend, Ally, saw Tom and Raquel at The Abbey dancing alone together and thought it was weird. When they realized they’d been spotted looking cozy, Tom and Raquel appeared to act a little strange like they were caught doing something bad.”

So sketchy!

While the source noted that Sandoval and Raquel were with a “group of people,” including those associated with Vanderpump Rules, at the club, they noted “something seemed off” at the time since his longtime girlfriend wasn’t around. In fact, that is when many of their cast members, especially Ally, became increasingly suspicious of what was going on between the two. However, the source said the pair kept shutting down the speculation:

“The cast began speculating that something weird was happening then, and Ally was the first to call it out. But Raquel and Tom were both adamantly denying it at the time.”

Ugh. The ol’ “deny until you die.” Or in this case, until you leave your phone lying around…

Even though production for season 10 of VPR was underway then, another insider shared that the cameras were, of course, not rolling when Sandoval and Raquel were hanging out at The Abbey. Despite having a bad feeling about their interaction at the establishment, Ally never brought up the night whenever on-camera for the show. Instead, she kept her speculation on the DL, reportedly speaking with other cast members about it only when they weren’t filming:

“Ally did not initially mention what she saw while filming. She confided in other cast members off-camera simply because she was very much bothered by Tom and Raquel’s interaction.”

While the source doesn’t mention who the 27-year-old confided in, the first insider mentioned that Lala Kent and Katie Maloney — who already weren’t on good terms with Raquel because of her hookup with ex-husband Tom Schwartz — had questioned how close Sandoval and the former pageant queen got before the affair news broke:

“Over the past couple months, the girls have been thinking things weren’t adding up.”

Did any of them ever think about bringing up their concerns and the incident to Ariana at the time??? Is it better to say something than nothing? Even if the girls didn’t have concrete evidence of Sandoval’s infidelity? An ethics question for the ages… In retrospect, it might have at least saved Ariana from being “blindsided” and finding out for herself through a sexually explicit video on his phone earlier this month!

Innerestingly enough, though, the midseason trailer for the Bravo reality series does show Lala confronting Sandoval about his night out with Raquel at the club:

“She saw the both of you at The Abbey together.”

So does this confirm Ally told Lala about what she witnessed?? It sounds like it! But of course, everyone will have to wait until the scene unfolds later in this season. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Would you have told Ariana about the incident at The Abbey? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Bravo/YouTube, Peacock/YouTube]

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