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Wendy Williams Reportedly 'Confined To A Wheelchair' -- But Is There More To The Story?

Wendy Williams Reportedly 'Confined To A Wheelchair' -- But Is There More To The Story?

Wendy Williams was a hot topic of conversation over the weekend, after multiple reports were published claiming that the popular daytime TV host has allegedly been confined to a wheel chair due to rapidly declining health.

Furthermore, several outlets also reported that the 57-year-old celeb is allegedly suffering from signs of early onset dementia in addition to her physical health concerns. But according to her 54-year-old brother Tommy Williams Jr., that’s not true — especially the dementia allegations.

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Like we said, it all started over the weekend, overflowing into Monday morning with B Scott and others reporting on Wendy’s apparent health problems.

Over on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, the hosts brought on journalist Antoine Edwards to discuss the TV talker’s health, and he alleged (below):

“It’s not looking really good. Word on the street is that Wendy is confined to a wheelchair. She’s confined to a wheelchair. Yeah, it’s sad. According to reports, she has lost all blood circulation in her legs, and in her feet, and she’s in this wheelchair, and they say her return to the show is not looking good right now.”


Here’s the full audio clip from that segment, with the discussion on Wendy coming right at the very beginning:



Like we mentioned (above), Wendy’s brother is NOT having any of these reports. In fact, in a new interview with The Sun, Tommy flat-out denies the early onset dementia allegations specifically, saying to the outlet (below):

“We haven’t had any alerts like that and I haven’t seen anything like that or have had conversations with her that would lead me to believe that. We routinely go up and check on Wendy even though we’re all down here in Florida. I try to make it up there and my dad speaks with Wendy frequently. So no, we don’t have any concerns concerning her mental state. It’s all physical.”

So, that’s significant.

For one, of course, he explicitly says that there are no concerns about her mental state, which would cut out the dementia allegations.

And yet… even Tommy admits the family’s concern for his older sister is “all physical,” which would seem to leave the wheelchair allegation in play? Or potentially some other physical health-related problems, by omission?

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For now, Tommy is clear on one thing: his only thoughts are about whether or not he’s going to see his sister for the Thanksgiving holiday later this week.

He summed it up to the outlet, saying:

“I am trying to find out if she’s coming down for Thanksgiving. I mean, she’s normal like that.”

Well then.

Whatever the case, we can only hope Wendy is receiving whatever medical, or physical, or emotional care she may need to continue to live her best life during these trying times.

Sending all our love and support!

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN]

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