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Influencer With BOTCHED Botox Injection Documents Horrible Side Effects For Followers!

Influencer Documents Horrible Botox Gone Wrong Situation That Left Her Bug-Eyed!

You might want to rethink your next Botox session after hearing this poor girl’s story!!

Influencer Whitney Buha’s life changed instantly three weeks ago when her facial injection went horribly wrong, causing one eye to droop and the other to get extra wide! Unfortunately, the injector inserted the protein into the wrong place by her eye, and now she’s been stuck with the puzzling facial feature (above, right) for weeks!

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Taking the whole ordeal like a champ, the blogger behind Something Witty decided to chronicle the saga on her social media platforms, telling her fans at first:

“This is so embarrassing, and I really don’t want to show this, but everyone’s like, ‘can we please see this?’ Because a lot of you get Botox and didn’t know this was possible. I didn’t know this was possible, either.”

Initially trying to balance out her eyebrows, which she noticed weren’t as even as she would have liked following another visit to the clinic, she was advised to get four units added to the left eye. Seems like Whitney’s likely regretting that decision now!! In the first post, she pointed to her small, drooping eye and explained:

“Ever since I went back, this is what’s happened.”

Since that fateful day, the Chicago native has been updating fans with daily photos (below) to show progress and provide tips she’s learning from doctors, specialists, and fellow Botox-gone-wrong victims alike! Through this, she’s learned that a likely reason her right eye is so big is because it’s overcompensating for the loss of eyesight on the other side.

To mend some of the dramatic differences in appearance, Buha’s resorted to prescription eye drops, heat and vibration application on the left eye, and patching her right eye. While some techniques have helped slightly, Whitney’s hopeful she’s nearing the end of this unwanted drama! In an update shared last week, the lifestyle blogger noted:

“I feel like I’ve gotten over the hurdle of like, the worst. Now I feel like my left eye is looking almost normal. My right eye is still a little bit too big, but way less white is showing, that’s for sure. So I’m just hoping over the next couple of weeks it just continues to get a little bit better each day.”

According to plastic surgeon Adam Kolker, who spoke to Allure on situations like this in 2019, Buha’s side effects are “rare and temporary.” In fact, droopy eyes only occur in between one and five percent of cases. Still, patients should be aware of all the consequences of Botox, such as potentially getting headaches or mild bruising at the injection site.

Influencer Documents Horrible Botox Gone Wrong Situation That Left Her Bug-Eyed!
Making progress… / (c) Whitney Buha/Instagram

A huge reason Whitney has remained so thorough in her updates is because she realized so many people don’t understand the risk of Botox. She told People Tuesday:

“After some consideration, I decided to share my story because I realized how few people knew that eyelid ptosis could be a side effect of Botox — myself included before all of this. The second I mentioned that I had ‘Botox gone wrong,’ I received several messages asking what I meant and many saying they didn’t know that Botox could go wrong.”

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The travel enthusiast added:

“I felt like it was an opportunity to educate others and show them what these potential side effects look like. After I began to open up, I received so many messages from people who’ve been through something similar or those who had no clue this could happen.”

She finished:

“It’s been a wild ride, but I’ve been able to connect with hundreds of people because of it.”

That’s an understatement! We’re really not sure how we’d react waking up to  like that! But we’re so happy to hear Whitney’s making an impact in her community by being vulnerable and seeing the positive side of this strange situation!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Has anything crazy like this happened to YOU? Dish in the comments (below)!

[Image via Whitney Buha/Instagram]

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