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This Woman Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating -- SECONDS Before He Proposed In Public!

This Woman Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating Moments Before He PROPOSED!

What should have been one of the happiest days of her life quickly became this woman’s most heartbreaking one — when she found out her boyfriend was cheating just seconds before he proposed!

Tiffany Maldonado told the devastating story on TikTok over the weekend. Looking back, she shared that she had been in a two-year relationship with a guy she was “madly in love with” at the time. And one day, Tiffany said he took her on a “surprise” trip to Orlando “for a little bit of fun at the amusement parks.” While at the theme parks, the man decided to “sign up” to do one of their game show-style competitions. Here’s where their fun vacation became, well, not so fun anymore.

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Before taking the stage for the competition, Tiffany’s boyfriend handed her his phone and asked her to film him since he wanted her to “see what’s going to happen.” He ended up winning the contest as she filmed it “all excited, all proud of my man.” But the moment was quickly ruined when text messages popped up on his screen… from his mistress!!! A woman, Tiffany later learned, he had been seeing throughout their whole relationship! WTF!!? Tiffany explained:

“She’s pissed. She’s really pissed. I guess that morning, he had texted her to let her know like, ‘Hey, it’s over between us because I’m about to get engaged today.’ And she threw a s**t-fit even though she herself was married.”

What makes this whole situation worse? Not only is Tiffany finding out her man has been cheating on her over the past two years, but she’s finding out about this other woman while he is on stage in front of thousands of people PROPOSING to her! Tiffany recalled:

“My heart absolutely drops and like I want to vomit. And I’m sitting here in a crowd, with hundreds of people, maybe even thousands of people, trying to keep my hand steady and filming what’s happening as he’s proposing and announcing it to this whole frickin’ stadium full of people. But I really know what’s happening as I’m seeing these texts flashed across the screen.”

OMG. The boyfriend then got down on one knee to propose while Tiffany appeared on the big screen at the stadium. And this is all happening as she continues to see text messages pop up from his mistress! Awful. Instead of letting people see her “sweat,” Tiffany chose to “keep my composure and to just walk outside of the stadium and wait for him outside.”

Wow. She has more strength than most people! No one would have blamed her if she started freaking out at her cheating boyfriend in front of everyone!

When her man met her outside the stadium, Tiffany said he hugged her, told her he loved her, and did “the proposal again to my face this time, not just on the big screen.” However, Tiffany couldn’t keep what she discovered to herself anymore — or say yes to this cheating dog. She immediately took him to the “nearest restaurant” and told him about the text messages:

“He knew that he was caught and for the next 30 minutes he proceeded to just tell me everything that he thought that I wanted to hear and I was just numb. The only words that I can manage to muster up at this point were: ‘Baby this two-carat diamond ring. It’s just not going to be enough.’”

OUCH! Watch the video of her story (below):


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Did Tiffany forgive the guy? Are they still together? We have so many questions! But thankfully, Tiffany gave everyone a follow-up video to reveal what happened next.

In part two of her story, Tiffany explained that they “drove home in awkward silence” after that day. And two days later… she said yes to the proposal and put the ring on.


Tiffany explained that it was “hard” to end things at the time since she was so “invested” in their relationship:

“I had so much invested in this relationship that it was really hard to break it off immediately. Again, we’re human, and I’m not messy. So I really tried to give it a go.”

Although she accepted the proposal, she didn’t tell her friends or family about the engagement. It wasn’t even until they noticed the rock on her finger that she officially revealed the news — the engagement news, not the wild cheating story. Talk about burying the lede! As Tiffany said, it took her over two years to tell her sister about what really happened.

Ultimately, two or three months after the proposal, Tiffany did finally end things with him. Phew! Remember, you are NOT pot-committed to your relationship! If he does something terrible, you end it now, or you’re just throwing away invaluable months of your life!

Things between the couple “fell apart” as Tiffany couldn’t “trust” the guy anymore — naturally. So she gave back the 2-carat ring and broke up with him for good:

“He was never gonna win my trust back. And it took about two years and $10,000 of therapy just to finally be right again with myself.”

Good for her for realizing she deserved better than this guy! See part two (below):


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[Image via Tiffany Maldonado/TikTok]

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