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Must See! Lawyer Stuck As Cat In Hysterical Viral Zoom Filter Mix-Up

Lawyer Insists ‘I’m Not A Cat’ In Hysterical Viral Zoom Filter Mixup

As much as we hate Zoom sometimes, we gotta cherish the comedy gold it produces. On Tuesday, a standard virtual court hearing turned into a viral phenomenon when a lawyer accidentally joined with the cat filter! And now the officials behind the hysterical video are speaking out about what happened behind-the-scenes!

ICYMI, panicked and stuck in the body of an adorable white kitten (above), attorney Rod Ponton can be heard insisting:

“I’m here live, I’m not a cat.”

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While his assistant feverishly worked to resolve the problem and coworkers held back laughs, Twitter reveled in the boost of endorphins this simple little clip produced. With over three million views on YouTube alone, it’s safe to say a LOT of people enjoyed this mishap.

On Wednesday, Judge Roy B. Ferguson of 394th Judicial District Court in Texas (the patient voice helping the worried cat) spilled to CNN:

“It did actually happen. There was no joke involved.”

The judge revealed he was able to talk Rod through getting rid of the filter moments later, and the duo suspected a kid was the culprit behind the furry friend considering the lawyer was using his secretary’s laptop. Ferguson furthered:

“When a child had been using the computer, (the child) turned on a filter. Of course, the lawyer would have no reason to even know that feature exists.”

We didn’t either, but we’re so glad filters like these are here! After being transformed into his regular ‘ol human self, Ponton added:

“The cat was empathetic with me. It was as upset about it as I was.”

LOLz! Watch the purr-fectly funny video (below)!

Reactions, readers??

[Image via 394th District Court of Texas – Live Stream/YouTube]

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