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So Long, Farewell!

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Sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Kathy Griffin's long-time assistant and My Life on the D-List co-star, Jessica Zajicek, has quit.

And, "it's not pretty," an insider tells us.

The split happened earlier this month.

Unfortunately, her Bravo show is not currently under production, so we'll miss out on the drama on TV!

"Jessica had just had enough of Kathy," says our insider. "She put up with her for several years. She couldn't take it anymore."

Sad to see her go. Jessica was a huge part of Kathy's show!

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313 comments to “So Long, Farewell!”

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  1. Duane says – reply to this


    Kathy Hire me !!! I will be a great assistant. I am one of your Gays hahaha. Love you Kathy it is her loss not yours.

  2. jess says – reply to this


    jessica has the personality of a wet mop!not cute either!!!!!!!!!

  3. kelly says – reply to this


    jessica can SUCK IT! long live kathy! jessica was a hanger on alcoholic trying to get famous anyways. KATHY FOREVER!

  4. DC says – reply to this


    I just read that this is not true!

  5. angie says – reply to this


    Every since Tiffany and Tom have come on the show, they are so annoying and they laugh at everything. I fast forward everytime I see them, I hate them. Jessica come back please Tiffany and Tom go back where you came from.

  6. Kat says – reply to this


    I would love to work for Kathy! She's freakin HILARIOUS and she's my idol!!

  7. Joann says – reply to this


    Please provide us with the link to your retraction about Jessica quitting when she was just merely on vacation at the time…

  8. Blake says – reply to this


    dude jessica is the best in kathys show. she rocks, and shes pretty too- just not in that picture.. but i dont get it, it seemed like she really did like kathy. she did a good job at hiding it then..
    well anyways,

    I LOVE YOU JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]
    you too kathy.

  9. myrci says – reply to this


    KAthy is the star! who cares if an assistant quits…just like if a stylist quits!

  10. Jessi says – reply to this


    Poor Jessica it must be rough getiing paid to go on trips to awesome places and being given expensive tech toys and what not. Oh and let's not forget I'm sure a lot of employers will take you to New York for New Years so you can get obliterated drunk while they're off working.

  11. Kathy says – reply to this


    Dear gays fans and otherwise, I wanted to let you all know myself that, as much as I wanted to sack Jessica, she is welded to me for life and has not quit - it's true she's had enough of my tantrums and demands but she won't ever leave, she loves it!

  12. --ran says – reply to this


    you could replace jessica with Verne troyer and I could seriously never tell the diffrence

    That's how insignificant she is…was

  13. 313

    perez, you should make an update about this one.
    kathy said herself at a few of her shows that jessica did not quit and she was just on vacation in tennessee.

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