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Alex Rodriguez Doesn't Understand How Jennifer Lopez Got Back With Ben Affleck Right Under His Nose!

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OK, we were obviously all shocked that it was suddenly 2002 again, and Bennifer 1.0, the OG Ben and Jen were back together. But no one was more surprised than the man who was very nearly Mr. Jennifer Lopez.

We’ve already heard how “shocked” Alex Rodriguez was that J.Lo had moved on so quickly — and that it was with her ex Ben Affleck of all people. Per early reports the retired baseball star “truly thought they would be able to make it work and reconnect.”

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But what made him even more “surprised,” per an insider spilling to ET on Thursday, is the fact he and Jennifer have been talking this whole time! The source explains:

“Jennifer and Alex have remained in contact after breaking up and have even seen each other since the split. The two plan to remain friends and are also in business together.”

That’s right! They have to talk! But she is under no obligation to tell him jack about her personal life anymore! The source continues:

“Alex understands that Jennifer is single, but felt shocked by [her and Affleck’s] quick meetup. At the end of the day, Alex wants Jennifer to be happy, but the way everything has unfolded doesn’t sit well with him.”

Oh, it hurts when someone you care about is keeping things from you? Talking to, say, another person in a very familiar way and not telling you about it? All while you thought the two of you had a future together??

Excuse us while we roll our eyes over to this story about your alleged NDA-protected conversations with Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy. Yeah, hard to feel bad for A-Rod considering the trust he broke by DMing younger reality stars was the big reason it isn’t him spending a romantic week with the star of Hustlers in Big Sky.

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Oh, and that big open-for-business sign he posted on his Instagram recently, showing off his even-more ripped bod — the results of finishing a recent fitness program.

But hey, at least if the New York Yankee shortstop feels really bad, he can always wipe his tears on wads of cash! He and his business partner, tech entrepreneur Marc Lore, just closed a deal to purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves for $1.5 billion! The team hasn’t changed ownership in 27 years, so this is exciting news for sports fans — and surely something besides Bennifer for A-Rod to focus on.

[Image via C. Smith/WENN/Avalon.]

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