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Alexis Sharkey's Friends Say She Was 'Scared For Her Life' A Month Before Her Death

Alexis Sharkey Death Instagram Influencer Scared Friend Interview Foul Play

We still don’t know how social media influencer Alexis Sharkey died, but we are learning more and more about her final days.

For those who haven’t yet heard about the shocking case, the rising Instagram celeb disappeared over the Thanksgiving holiday and was later found dead on the side of the road, miles from her home, completely naked. Oddly the body showed no obvious signs of injury or trauma; cause of death is being determined by autopsy.

While the Houston Police Department’s homicide division is investigating, reviewing surveillance footage from the area in an effort to find out if the body was dumped and so on, this case has not yet been confirmed to be a homicide. However it has also officially not been ruled out as of Wednesday morning.

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A spokesperson for the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences confirmed the preliminary autopsy did not rule out foul play. However, an official cause of death will require additional testing.

We know Alexis’ own mother believes this was murder. She told a local news network it was “absolutely foul play.”

“There is nothing to me that suggests that this was an accident. And there’s nothing to me that suggests anything else, other than that this was done to her. And I believe that in my mother’s gut.”

In a rather disturbing interview with local Houston affiliate ABC13, Alexis’ friends seemed to back that up. They told reported Steve Campion that Lexi confided in them during a trip just last month that she “feared for her safety” and was “worried about someone close in her life.”

Lauren Breaux, who started the GoFundMe memorial fund for Alexis, said:

“I looked at her and thought, ‘She’s petrified. This girl is scared for her life.'”

Who was that person close to her? The friends didn’t say.

Alexis Sharkey and BFF Lauren Breaux in happier times
Alexis Sharkey and BFF Lauren Breaux in happier days this Summer. / (c) Alexis Sharkey/Instagram

Alexis’ husband seemed to be implying something along those lines as well in the only interview he’s given to the press. Tom Sharkey said his wife “wasn’t happy” as she seemed on social media and was in fact pretty “stressed”.

In the bizarre interview (you can read the highlights HERE) he also defended himself against early speculation about her disappearance, saying they did not have a big fight before she left the house — though he did say he was the reason she was on foot as he told her not to “drive under the influence.” But then “she left anyway.”

What was she so scared of? Why did she leave the house on foot if she was so drunk — when she had all these friends she could have reached out to??

Every new bit of information is only raising more questions. If YOU have any leads, you can contact the Houston Police Department’s homicide division at (713) 308-3600.

[Image via Alexis Sharkey/Instagram.]

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Dec 02, 2020 12:51pm PDT

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