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Was Ioan Gruffudd Talking Trash About Alice Evans For 2 Years On His TV Show?!

Alice Evans Ioan Gruffudd Trash Talking Behind Back TV Show

Did Alice Evans go too far this time? Just hours after posting her latest update in the saga of her messy divorce, she’s already deleted it.

As you have probably heard by now, back in January the Vampire Diaries alum came out swinging on social media, revealing her husband of 13 years (and partner of 20) Ioan Gruffudd, had left her and their daughters out of nowhere.

What she’s learned recently is that it was rather less out of nowhere than she’d previously thought. Just a couple weeks ago Ioan went Instagram official with his new girlfriend, a 30-year-old aspiring actress he’d met on the set of his TV show, Harrow. The show had filmed for the past three years on the other side of the world, in Australia, keeping the Fantastic Four alum far from his family for long stretches of time.

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What Alice wrote in her latest IG post implies she found out he was showing a different face whenever he was living Down Under — and significantly out of earshot of his wife and children.

She posted a pic she found of Bianca Wallace, the aforementioned “home-wrecker,” shared to IG by her sister. (Bianca herself has recently shut down her account, presumably after all the negative attention associated with dating a married man.) As a caption on the pic, she wrote:

“This is my husband’s new girlfriend. Look, I wouldn’t have minded if he’d come to me and said ‘listen, I think I’ve fallen in love with somebody else. But he didn’t.”

The 50-year-old has said before how her ex basically just ghosted her, leaving and refusing to speak with her anymore, and barely calling his daughters. She’s also claimed before that he lied to both her and the girls for months.

But here’s where the new accusation comes in. She says:

“For 2 years he told people on the set of the show he was doing that I was an alcoholic, completely unhinged and a terrible mother. This is so incorrect and so unkind.”

Whoa. Did she just learn something from little birdies on set? Maybe folks who weren’t among the well-wishers who congratulated him and Bianca?

In any case, it sounds like he was building a case for custody a long time before she even knew the war was coming. She recently revealed he was going for the kids as the divorce battle heats up, telling Lorraine Kelly:

“Divorce lawyers in America are terrifying people… It’s much more scary than I would have thought, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stay here in the house or how much I’m going to be able to have the girls.”

Yeesh. We can’t help but wonder why she deleted that. Maybe she thought having a photo of the woman sleeping with her husband on her feed, staring at her all the time, was too hurtful? Maybe she thought giving his accusations against her a bigger platform was a bad idea?

In any case, we are SO sorry to hear how long this betrayal has gone on. Just brutal.

[Image via Alice Evans/Ioan Gruffudd/Instagram.]

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