Amanda Bynes Claims That She Left Her Purse Inside A Nearby Car In Reported Shoplifting Incident!

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It would appear that this whole shoplifting debacle is a huge misunderstanding…of course, that’s according to Amanda Bynes.

Amanda reportedly tried to walk out of a Barney’s in NYC with a $200 hat without even cracking open her purse to pay for it.

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However, according to sources, Amanda allegedly told security that her reason for doing so was that she actually left her purse and wallet in the car she arrived in, and that the driver was completely missing!

Apparently, Amanda also mentioned that she had every intention of paying for the pricey hat, she just needed to find her driver and get her purse and wallet first.

In addition, she argued that she wasn’t thinking straight because a lady had been harassing her inside the store, and attempting to take pics of her.

While security decided to let her go, there’s been no word yet on whether the hat was eventually bought or not. That might be tough seeing as how she’s been banned from the store.

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

Oct 8, 2014 9:08pm PST

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