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Amanda Knox Responds To Donald Trump Being 'Very Upset' With Her Supporting Hillary Clinton: 'What Do I Owe Him?'

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Amanda Knox doesn’t owe Donald Trump shit.
The real estate mogul supported the Seattle-native when she was fighting her murder conviction in Italy, not only by defending her innocence but even donating to her defense.
But when Trump ran for president, Knox didn’t reciprocate the love — instead, she supported Hillary Clinton and even blasted his policies in columns.
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This made Trump “very upset” with the exonerated suspect, causing his rabid supporters to rally against her for what they saw as an act of betrayal.
Knox finally spoke out against the backlash in a new LA Times op-ed, in which she explicitly thanked Trump, but explained his support didn’t contract her to supporting him in his presidential run.
The 29-year-old said that loyalty is a double edged sword — while it can unite people in common ground, it can also blind them in following an unjust cause. She wrote:

“By holding personal loyalty above all else, Trump and some of his supporters create a political environment where reason and justice hold little sway.”

Knox notes that even though Trump supported her case, he did the opposite in the case of the Central Park Five; calling for the death penalty of five exonerated men years after the fact, despite lack of evidence.
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Because Trump likes to insert his opinion into big media stories, and treat it as fact, Knox can’t support Trump politically.
While she definitely owes him her thanks — writing “for the record: Thank you, Mr. President” — she believes she owes her country more, which includes vocalizing who she thinks would be the best at running it.
Do U think Amanda owes Trump more than a thank you? Read her entire piece HERE.
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