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Amy Robach 'Wants A Relationship' With Ex Andrew Shue's Sons -- For Potential 'Reality Series' With TJ Holmes??

Amy Robach ‘Wants A Relationship’ With Ex Andrew Shue’s Sons Amid TJ Holmes Romance – Because Of Potential Reality Series??

Amy Robach doesn’t want anything to change… even after she destroyed her blended family!

As Perezcious readers know, Good Morning America co-hosts Amy and T.J. Holmes got caught having an affair, breaking up both their long-time marriages and sending their careers down the drain. Despite ending things with husband Andrew Shue amid the drama, Amy is now hoping she can still be in his sons’ lives!

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According to a new Us Weekly source on Friday, “Amy has a relationship with Andrew’s sons here and there,” and she’d like to keep it that way. The Melrose Place alum shares NateAidan, and Wyatt with his ex-wife Jennifer Hageney. Meanwhile, Amy is mom to teenage daughters Ava and Annalise with her ex-husband Tim McIntosh. During the former couple’s 12-year marriage, the kids all grew up with each other, so their bonds are tight! The kids have shown they still want to be family with one another. But then again they weren’t the ones who betrayed the family!

The embattled journalist is apparently hopeful they can all remain in each other’s lives despite the nasty split, the insider explained:

“She is still in her stepsons’ lives. They communicate. She’d like them to still think of her as their stepmother and will be there for them. She is still trying to work things out with seeing Andrew’s kids. She’s been their stepmom for so long and wants a relationship with them and Andrew is having a hard time emotionally with it. But his sons still keep in touch and communicate with her.”

Whoa! We can’t fault Andrew for being unsure about this! Letting his ex have an active role in his kids’ lives could get very complicated! Let’s not forget the exes aren’t even finished hashing out their divorce. While they have been declared single, the confidant noted they are “still in mediation about any property and assets.”

A second source said the celebs are already trying to make this co-parenting thing work! The insider said they are on “speaking terms” and “co-parent together and still communicate.” Maybe Amy really will get what she wants??

Well, the decision may not be all on Andrew. Other Us sources on Thursday revealed that Amy and T.J. have been pitching a “reality show” as their way to get back on TV screens!!! So, is this why she wants to stay in touch with her stepsons??

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If a reality show is going to work, it would be a heck of a lot better with the involvement of both their respective families! This includes T.J.’s ex Marilee Fiebig and 10-year-old daughter Sabine. (He also shares Jaiden and Brianna with ex-wife Amy Ferson.) If Andrew’s kids aren’t interested in participating in the possible series, maybe this would stop them from staying connected to their stepmother? It could certainly get in the way.

As for the potential show, the source dished:

“They’re pitching themselves as a duo. They’ve pitched a reality show, docuseries, and daytime talk show, all of which they know will be popular and people will watch. Amy has said whatever they do, this is about real love and they’re in it together.”


Not sure we agree that it will be “popular.” The first episode or two, for sure, but an entire series?? It’ll have to be jam-packed with something juicy for people to keep tuning into. Would watching them travel around being all happy and into one another make for compelling TV? It was spicier when it was forbidden, tbh. But if we were watching them try to rebuild with their families? That’s a better show. Which is why we can’t help but be cynical when we see the reality TV news juxtaposed with the realness of the family drama. Hmm…

That said, it’s unclear if the former co-anchors will ever return to the small screen. Previously, insiders for the New York Post revealed nobody wanted to buy their last pitch. A skeptical TV expert told the outlet:

“If they did a talk show, what would they talk about? What’s their expertise — infidelity? They’d take anything. I think they’d host a game show at this point.”

Sounds to us like they have no idea what will sell, they’re just desperate to catch someone’s attention! The fact they’re pitching a show based on their chemistry does prove one thing: Amy and T.J. don’t think their love with fizzle anytime soon! The first insider shared:

“When everything has calmed down they have plans to move in together. They are serious.”

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[Image via Andrew Shue/Amy Robach/Instagram]

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