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Spanish Actress Welcomes Baby Via Surrogate -- And The Father Is Her Late Son?!?

Spanish Actress Welcomes Baby Via Surrogate -- And The Father Is Her Late Son?!?

A Spanish actress has become the subject of heated debate after welcoming a child in one of the most unorthodox ways possible.

Ana Obregón, known widely for her role in the hit Spanish television series, A Las Once En Casa, has been receiving a mix of reactions after announcing last week that she welcomed a child via surrogate just two days after her 68th birthday. But it wasn’t just the age that shocked people. No, it was also the revelations that the father is… her late son.

While speaking with Hola! in a story published Tuesday, the seasoned actress revealed her surrogate welcomed a baby girl on March 20 in Miami — three years after her son, Alessandro, died in 2020 of cancer at just 27 years old. She told the outlet in a translated statement that the decision to initiate the surrogacy process “was made the day my child went to heaven.” She added that it was Aless’ “last will,” noting that just a week before his death, he expressed his desire to “bring a son into the world.”

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She added that prior to beginning chemotherapy, her late son had his sperm frozen and preserved in the United States, and left his parents with one request. Obregón explained:

“That day we were in the hospital; Aless was already very bad and he told us that if something happened to him, he wanted us to know that he wanted to leave descendants in this life.”

So, Obregón and her husband, Italian actor Alessandro Lequio, began the process to fulfill their son’s wishes. The only problem was that surrogacy is illegal in Spain where the family resides, so The Naked Eye actress took to the US, where she found a Florida-based surrogate to carry the child, who is now legally Ana’s daughter:

“The girl was born in America and will have an American passport and dual citizenship. She is legally my daughter and that is how she appears in her passport. I will register her at the Spanish Consulate and then I can bring her home.”

The baby girl’s name is Ana Sandra — Ana, of course, coming from her own name, and Sandra referencing Aless’ full name. She told the outlet: 

“I died on May 13, 2020 and I was born again on March 20, 2023, just like that.”

On Instagram, she shared the cover photo, and added:

“I swore I would save you from cancer and I failed you. I promised you I’d bring your daughter into the world and here she is in my arms. When I hug her I feel an indescribable emotion, because it’s like I’m hugging you again. I swear I will take care of her with the infinite love I have to give and you will help me from heaven.”

The move has since drawn controversy, with critics pointing out the legality of the situation, and Verónica Fumanal, president of Spain’s Association of Political Communication, comparing it to an episode of the dystopian series Black Mirror, adding in a statement to CNN

“She bought herself a granddaughter with sperm from her dead son. She put a camera in her face and sold the exclusive.”

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Yikes. But Ana does not seem phased, as she told Hola!:

“This girl isn’t my daughter, but my granddaughter. She is Aless’ daughter and when she grows up I will tell her that her father was a hero.”

She also noted that she is not opposed to repeating the process to give little Ana Sandra a sibling.

Wow, that sure is A LOT. What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Share all your thoughts in the comments down below!

[Images via Alessando Lecquio García/Instagram & ELLE España/YouTube]

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