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Ana Navarro Speaks Out After Leaving The Set Of The View Due To COVID-19 Scare

Ana Navarro Speaks Out After Leaving The Set Of The View Due To COVID Scare

UPDATE 09/25/2021 4:00 P.M. PST: Ana Navarro is in the clear! On Saturday afternoon, the co-host updated fans that she tested negative for the third time after previously testing positive ahead of an interview with VP Harris. After quarantining in New York, she is finally heading home. Take a look at the post (below):


Ana Navarro cannot believe what happened during the latest episode of The View!

In case you missed it, producers abruptly asked her and Sunny Hostin to leave the set on Friday after testing positive for coronavirus just seconds before Vice President Kamala Harris‘ in-person interview. It was certainly a chaotic series of events. And during a virtual appearance on Anderson Cooper 360 later that day, the 49-year-old host compared the shocking television moment to “an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm,” saying:

“It takes so much work to do an interview like this and it’s something that we were excited about. We were prepared to ask some tough questions. We were very proud to have the vice president come on The View and all of a sudden it turned into like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It was just surreal.”

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You can say that again! She continued:

“Now, because of COVID the table at The View is like the size of an aircraft carrier. Joy [Behar] is clear on the other side. I don’t think she sees the commotion of what Sunny and I are told by the executive producer, Brian Teta, that this is happening. And of course it’s a very awkward moment. It’s puzzling. You’ve got a hundred things going through your head.”

Navarro said producers had initially notified them of their positive results through their earpieces, but they had no idea what to do since they were on-air at the time:

“We go ‘What did you just say? Did I just hear you right?’ And this is in the middle of live TV. And, as you know, Anderson, the show must go on.”

Fortunately, it did! Although the VP waited until the final 10 minutes to show up, the interview with Kamala went ahead but was conducted virtually from another part of the studio as a precaution. Ana also noted that she and Sunny were never near Kamala before the appearance, explaining:

“We had no contact with her for the entire day, and so they’re trying to figure out what is the safe way to conduct this interview and how do we do this? And I’ve gotta say, her team rolled with it and … she ended up doing the interview from that room via remote … while we were locked up in our dressing rooms.”

Thankfully, the two colleagues got tested again twice, and both were negative. Navarro told Cooper that “all indications” are that the results were most likely false positives. We’re glad that everything turned out okay! Ch-ch-check out her entire interview (below):

[Image via The View/YouTube]

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