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And Just Like That... Showrunner Shuts Down Any Hope Of Kim Cattrall's Return!!

And Just Like That Showrunner Slams Any Hope Of Kim Cattrall Return

If you were one of very few fans still holding out hope that Kim Cattrall might one day return to her iconic role of Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City franchise, we’re sorry to say that is officially NEVER happening.

For months now, we’ve heard rumors that Kim was considering making an appearance on the HBO Max reboot, And Just Like That…, despite her public feud with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker. One source went so far as to say the creatives behind the series were planning for her return in season 2!

It all seemed a little too good to be true, and it turns out it was! Sam won’t be flying back to the Big Apple anytime soon!

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SATC creator Michael Patrick King sat down for a new interview with Variety ahead of the show’s season 1 finale, which will air on Thursday. During the chat, he was asked if the door was truly “open” for Cattrall to return to the series (if it gets picked up for more episodes) or star in her own spinoff, and, well… this is what he had to say:

“No. Just like there was no thought that Kim would ever participate in And Just Like That, because she’s said what she had said.”

Yeesh! Not a surprise, but it sounds like they’ve all got a bit of bad blood with the former colleague. As Perezcious readers are well aware, the How I Met Your Father star has been outspoken about an ongoing confrontation with SJP since she left the franchise in 2010. The New York native has repeatedly denied the allegations, though.

Nevertheless, there are simply too many issues behind the scenes for the 65-year-old to consider a cameo, King continued:

“The only place I participate in magical thinking is in fiction… Magically thinking, it’s great to have Samantha. I have no realistic expectation of Kim Cattrall ever appearing again.”

Kim’s absence doesn’t mean that Samantha has to disappear too! Rather than ignore her altogether, the writers established that Jones had moved to London for work after her “pride got damaged” when Carrie Bradshaw fired her as a publicist. She’s since popped up occasionally through texts. The director mused:

“It was a big day for me as a writer when I realized that even though Kim Cattrall didn’t want to be in the series, Samantha could be — because of texting.”

Getting caught up in the excitement of Samantha’s continued legacy on the show, Michael added:

“I was like, ‘Right! Samantha can be in the show.’ Because she should be: She’s part of the show and people love her. And I wanted to respect the legacy, wanted to respect the fans.”

While this use of texts has been relied on minimally in the 10-part season, Samantha and Carrie have reconnected over some of the most heartbreaking of issues, such as Mr. Big’s death.

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The creator explained:

“I feel when someone’s in your heart and in your soul and friendships, how do your friends support you when you’re going through the worst thing that can happen? I found it interesting that Carrie would reach out to Samantha in certain specific times. And it’s kind of magical that all of a sudden on a text, Samantha makes a Samantha joke. And you feel like she’s there again.”

The showrunner urged how “exciting” it has been to find a loophole to include Samantha without Kim, concluding:

“I’m happy to be Samantha. We use it sparingly and well. I love Samantha! I’m happy when she’s in the show. It was important emotionally for everybody. Me and the fans; me and the viewer.”

Whoa. While it’s not a shock that Kim won’t be returning — she’s made her opinions on the revival very clear! — it’s interesting to hear the creator finally admit it!

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