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Fans Divided Over Miranda's Sex Policy For Teen Son In And Just Like That...!

Cynthia Nixon in And Just Like That

Another And Just Like That… storyline is causing an uproar with fans — and this one has nothing to do with Peloton!

For those not watching, viewers were shocked when they tuned in for the premiere episode of the Sex and the City revival series last Thursday to discover that Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) was letting her now-17-year-old son Brady Hobbes (Niall Cunningham) have sex in his childhood bedroom with his girlfriend, Luisa (Cree Cicchino).

In an attempt to be cool parents, Miranda and hubby Steve (David Eigenberg) decided to let Luisa sleep over on the reg, which made for some awkward moments in their apartment. At the start of the AJLT premiere, the lawyer explains to Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) over brunch:

“I stepped on a used condom in Brady’s room this morning… Wait, I was barefoot at the time.”


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Naturally, many fans reacted to that moment with horror — but some moms were particularly grossed out by Miranda’s free-for-all parenting style. Elizabeth Trinca, a mother-of-two from Long Island, told the New York Post she immediately called her two sisters after watching this “oh hell no” scenario unfold. She shared:

“I couldn’t believe that Miranda was just allowing it to happen while she was home and picking up his used protection. You need to have respect as a teen for your parents.”

The momma went on to say she would never allow that kind of behavior from her young son when he’s older, adding:

“I do not want to hear my son having sex. Do it when I’m not home.”

Author Lisa Milbrand agreed, saying on her Parents blog that Miranda needs to “set some boundaries” in her Brooklyn brownstone. She wrote:

“Set some boundaries already, Miranda. Like — maybe don’t let Brady’s girlfriend [sleep over] if you’re not comfortable with it? Even the coolest moms I know would definitely nip that in the bud.”

Lauren Schmid, a mother-of-four originally from New York who now lives in South Carolina, said there’s “not a freaking chance in hell” she’d let her pre-teens sleep with their partners at home one day. She told the Post:

“Absolutely f**king not. It’s one thing for teens to be having sex, but to act like that in my home where I pay the bills? Absolutely not. It’s being so disrespectful. Not a freaking chance in hell. I’m not about to create opportunities to become an early grandma, either.”

Schmid went on to say that the rules she followed as a teen should also work for her kids, adding:

“I mean, I was that age and I would have died had someone’s parents heard me or saw me like that. I did the proper thing and sneak[ed] around.”

However, other moms say they’d rather their children have sex at home than sneak around and do the act in a random, and potentially dangerous, setting. Robin Gorman Newman, who has an 18-year-old son, explained:

“It’s not just a TV plotline — it’s a major reality check. My trainer would tell me how the kids would rent out her gym to have parties and how they had to stand guard in the bathroom while the teens tried to have sex in the bathroom. It’s a thing.”

The Long Island founder of noted that she makes her son keep his bedroom door open when his girlfriend is at the house, but added:

“You don’t totally know what’s going on with your child… If teens want to have sex, they’re going to find a place to do it.”

Certified early childhood education teacher and mother-of-three Kimberly King is also here for Miranda’s permissive parenting. She said:

“Your child will not be trespassing on public or private property [if they’re having sex at home]. They won’t get charged with disturbing the peace or sex in public. They won’t have sex in the car.”

However, King also acknowledged that it “can set a bad example for other kids in the house” — which is exactly what happened to Long Island mother of four Christine Rose when she tried to ignore the activity coming from her son’s bedroom downstairs. Recalling how her 6-year-old son stood by the steps and exclaimed, “OMG — Danny’s bed is shaking really loud,” she told the outlet:

“We all knew he was probably having sex with his girlfriend.”

Despite the awkward moment, though, Rose said she stands by her decision to let her child explore his love life under her roof. She mused:

“You have to be realistic as a parent today. There’s really not much they can do to upset me. Teens will have sex and drink — you have to be real with them.”

Which side do U agree with, Perezcious readers?

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