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The Bakery That Wouldn't Make A Cake For A Lesbian Wedding Refuses To Pay Damages -- Even Though They Raised Over $500,000 In Donations!

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Bigots will be bigots.
Melissa and Aaron Klein came under fire back in 2013 when they wouldn’t bake a cake for a lesbian wedding, citing their religious views as an excuse for their discrimination.
Well, as it turns out, Oregon courts sided with the same-sex couple, Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer, and in July ordered Sweet Cakes by Melissa to fork over $135,000 to the women they refused to serve.
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Unfortunately, the victims in this case have yet to see any of the money, because Melissa and Aaron are currently defying the court’s ruling — and have filed an appeal to see if their hatred has any legal standing.
What makes this story even more bizarre is that Sweet Cakes actually closed down this past week and claim they can’t afford to pay the damages… even though their fellow bigots raised them over $500,000 in a GoFundMe fundraiser!
We’re hoping the court system steps in soon and makes them pay for trying to deny other humans their civil rights.
Ch-ch-check out Sweet Cakes’ latest attempt to defend their homophobic actions (below)!!!

[Image via Sweet Cakes by Melissa/Facebook.]

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Oct 02, 2015 15:37pm PDT