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Kylie Jenner Looking At 'Millions Of Dollars In Losses' From Beauty Biz Amid Astroworld Festival Tragedy Aftermath

Kylie Jenner Looking At 'Millions Of Dollars In Losses' From Beauty Biz Amid Astroworld Festival Tragedy Aftermath

The aftermath of the Astroworld Festival tragedy continues to play out, and the legal implications surrounding it are growing by the day.

Scores of lawsuits have now been filed against Travis Scott and the other event promoters and festival heads following the horrific deaths and injuries over the weekend due to a 50,000+ attendee crowd surge.

And now, the rapper’s partner, Kylie Jenner, could reportedly be on the hook for all this in a BIG way.

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According to a source close to the KarJenner family who spoke to The Sun about the whole ordeal, the 24-year-old Kylie Cosmetics founder is really starting to feel the legal heat in the wake of this terrible crowd rush situation:

“Kylie feels the weight of this and more than anything wants to do right by the victims. I know people do not think she cares but she really does. At the same time, she’s a businesswoman responsible for the livelihood of a lot of people. She feels like she’s in a lose-lose situation because she wants to take time to respect the victims from Astroworld but at the same time, she employs a lot of people.”


As we’ve seen, the KarJenner family has already been roundly criticized for what fans considered “tone deaf” social media promotional posts in the wake of the tragedy. So it would make sense that Kylie is concerned about online backlash in that sense.

But as the insider continues, it sounds like Kylie — and momager Kris Jenner — are growing more and more concerned about the business side of this situation:

“The longer her companies go without being active on social media or promotion, the more sales go down and the less they make from marketing. We’re talking potentially millions of dollars in losses.”


The source then added more details about the pregnant star’s caution in moving forward with beauty branding work, explaining that Kris is “in crisis mode” as the family tries to figure out a way forward:

“[Kylie] feels a responsibility as a brand founder but she also knows the second they do post something business related, people will be upset she’s ‘moved on’ and doing self-promotion after this tragedy. So she does feel that lose-lose in a sense. She’s working closely with her mom, as both her manager but she’s also leaning on for emotional support. Kris is in crisis mode and still figuring out how to handle this best.”

Obviously, Kris is normally in her element when it comes to “crisis mode,” but this is a totally different situation than the typical reality TV fare fans see on KUWTK.

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To that end, it’s unclear where all this is headed for Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie SkinKylie Baby, and Kylie Swim.

Of course, the eight lives lost last Friday night in Houston are far more important than any of that stuff, anyway.

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